Thursday, July 20, 2006

and this is just to check i can upload photos.


the girl next door said...

you creative little mongoose, you.

your blog is hard to find. when i typed in the name it came up with some bible bashing website. weird.

but now i have you friended and will never be parted from you


Anonymous said...

. . .and when i say 'friended' i obviously mean 'bookmarked.' duh.

Anonymous said...

that first message is so creepy because it could easily be me due to the 'mongoose' and 'lubs'. DISTURBING. i actually had to rack my brains to remember if it WAS me.


gtg said...

what do you mean, g-ox??? it *was* you.

g-ox said...

oh yes, it was me.

how forgetful i am.

like a mongoose can be when it has had too much to drink.

gtg said...

you're drinking now?