Sunday, November 30, 2008

happy birthday to grotapuppy!

she followed a string from her bedside and there was nyx! what a surprise!

cass n me being adorable

she drinks from a scientific beaker, i drink from a jar with a handle, it's all good.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

in november it rains

"It November it rains. Not that it doesn't rain at other times of the year, but there is something relentless, unforgiving and chilling about the rain in November."

- The Twelve Month Gardener: A West Coast Guide

the calender page from nikki mcclure is also appropriate for vancouver in november. the message "survive" helps me remember that winter will turn into spring eventually, if we just keep plugging through it.

actually it hasn't been pouring down in that relentless way i remember from past years - we've had quite a few sunny days recently, and cold crisp air in the top of 7 and 8 degrees style, which is easier to dress for and exist in than the soggy mid-teen temperatures.

regardless, i've had a series of exciting winterish respiratory illnesses, packing the Cold of Death, asthma and strep throat into the last month and a half. i'm pretty much better now, and only occasionally cough like someone who's been chain smoking for ten years. hoping to get back on my bike again - i haven't done a critical mass in my birthday tutu yet, and that's a problem!

end of semester is fast approaching, with final assignments and non-denominational holiday parties piling up. i've picked up some tutoring work, which is good for the budget and also good for the brain, and nicely distracting from my own work. maybe i will be able to afford a haircut. . . i saw my hairdresser at a coffeeshop the other day and showed him the collected volume of fray i was reading, and told him how inspired i always was by mel's hair and how i couldn't afford to go see him even though i really wanted to, and it was all just a bit embarrassing and would be better handled by going there and making serious friends with the scissors. . .

Monday, November 24, 2008

snow is what makes winter okay

sunday was another unexpectedly sunny day, so new friend who doesn't have a nickname yet (so much responsibility! naming another human!) and her dog and i high-tailed it to the mountains again to play in the SNOW. snow!

we went walking here a month or more ago and the water in this little lake was just frozen in sheets by the edges, but this time it was frozen almost solid, and the dog, after much testing and barking, got all four paws on it.

the woods were very beautiful, the air crisp and cold; the hike made me feel a bit better about the world.

it was 4.30 or so by the time we left, so it was almost dark, and we got a beautiful view of the sunset over vancouver, and vancouver island in the distance. i took this photo from the top of a humungous pile of snow in the carpark - i'm in the king of the castle!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

me new house

the vid! the vid i promised sixteen squillion years ago!

i was thinking about refilming it, cos the sound is a bit crap, but then i thought it would take another begillion years to get that online, so let's stick with this one, eh?

lots of vid is taken up with me complaining about the rain, and how there's no heat in my bedroom, and that that cold was killing my baby gumtree. since i recorded this, well, it's still raining all the time, but i got the heat working, and the gum is looking more perky. huzzah!

the other comment that is obscure, i think, is in the beginning when i suggest that you can use the vid to make fun of my accent. other than that i think most of the commentary is discernible if you crank the speakers. it ends kind of sudden like cos i ran out of memory in my camera, so bye! nice talking to you! love you!

here's some photos too, to give you a 2D and 3D experience of my living arrangements. who says i'm not a conscientious blogger!

the state of the spare bedroom atm. the third roomie is moving in at the start of dec. in the meantime, his room is a grand place to store my lovely bike!

plants on the veranda - the empty looking pots have garlic cloves in them, and that green pot up the back has tiny baby lettuces!

the loungeroom, with our strange collection of furniture - our "give us your shit" house warming was a very successful furniture drive!

view into the kitchen, with the "why bike?" poster.

adorable little gumtree, looking a bit the worse for wear (from the cold), but still struggling on. (matchbox for scale).

my room, in all its disorganised splendor. how good is my new desk???

Friday, November 21, 2008

*everyone* loves puppies

meet gus, winifred's new baby!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

everyone loves puppies! OR more photos from home

the adorable bundles of wriggle grot and bbb have been visiting - they will end up with one of the two pups below:

bbb looking suspiciously like a confirmed dog person!

grot with an amazing garlic harvest.

another photo from the glenelg trip.

and jt all frocked up for her school reunion! i love the scarf.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

random photos

i figure if i wait til i can construct a coherent narrative for these photos i'll never ever post them, so i'll just give you a little blurb for each and you can make your own narrative. it's interactive, 'kay?

cass got a bike! it is a sweet norco mountain bike with front disc brakes and suspension.

here's me at halloween, before my armour got all soggy at critical mass.

i am a widow's son outlawed and must be obeyed!

my final harvest at my old house. the tomatoes were starting to rot on the vines so i picked most of the green ones and have been slowly windowsill ripening them over the last few weeks. the tiny carrots were delicious!

i've started doing a bit of drawing again. isn't this long notebook fabulous? i'm very pleased with this drawing of autumn leaves.

and a great example of an autumn leaf! this is a big leaf maple - hand for scale.

i've gone on a couple of nice hikes on the north shore recently. here's the river running through lynn canyon - near where we all went swimming in august. there's no way i'd hop in the water now!


Friday, November 07, 2008

plus bonus photos of cassandra and i at my housewarming

cass has four hoods to protect her from the rain

i try to adopt a strange canadian object for my own headgear

Thursday, November 06, 2008

photos from home II

canoeing down the glenelg

grot surveys her domain

photos from home I

father with rhubarb harvest (and dog)

grandmother with peacock feathers