Wednesday, November 19, 2008

everyone loves puppies! OR more photos from home

the adorable bundles of wriggle grot and bbb have been visiting - they will end up with one of the two pups below:

bbb looking suspiciously like a confirmed dog person!

grot with an amazing garlic harvest.

another photo from the glenelg trip.

and jt all frocked up for her school reunion! i love the scarf.


Grotapuppynearly said...

v soon after that foto was taken, b found that it's not a good idea to leave one's crutch so exposed and within reach of puppy teeth ...

JT said...

And he still wants a puppy?? I bet he's secretly sorry he decided to become a dog lover!!!
Lovely lot of photos everybody sends you.
I picked up that scarf at a street stall in Venice - what a show off!!!
Lots of Love

Grotapuppynearly said...

yes, he probably didn't realise just how many dogs he'd have to love!

fabbo scarf - if i ever join facebook, i want to set up an "Ive been there" bit for all of us to brag on

green texta girl had a map at one stage with the same kind of thing

gumtreefid farmer said...

now my friend winifred has an adorable scottie cross puppy, a pick-up-with-one-hand little puppy, and i WANT ONE.

not a scotty thingy per se, but a puppy. yes.

ooo, good bragging idea. today i am wearing my silk scarf that nanny got me in melbourne - the shaggy red one that leaves bits on my clothes. it is beautiful.


Grotapuppynearly said...

today i am wearing a windcheater that says

Simon Fraser University MOM (sic)

JT said...

Today I look pretty ordinary!! But then again I'm at work. Ive got a shirt on with two pockets in strategic places, so I dont have to wear an awful, unmentionable piece of underwear, which usually ends up in my handbag!!

gumtreefid farmer said...

lord, the things people put on the internet nowadays!