Sunday, November 23, 2008

me new house

the vid! the vid i promised sixteen squillion years ago!

i was thinking about refilming it, cos the sound is a bit crap, but then i thought it would take another begillion years to get that online, so let's stick with this one, eh?

lots of vid is taken up with me complaining about the rain, and how there's no heat in my bedroom, and that that cold was killing my baby gumtree. since i recorded this, well, it's still raining all the time, but i got the heat working, and the gum is looking more perky. huzzah!

the other comment that is obscure, i think, is in the beginning when i suggest that you can use the vid to make fun of my accent. other than that i think most of the commentary is discernible if you crank the speakers. it ends kind of sudden like cos i ran out of memory in my camera, so bye! nice talking to you! love you!

here's some photos too, to give you a 2D and 3D experience of my living arrangements. who says i'm not a conscientious blogger!

the state of the spare bedroom atm. the third roomie is moving in at the start of dec. in the meantime, his room is a grand place to store my lovely bike!

plants on the veranda - the empty looking pots have garlic cloves in them, and that green pot up the back has tiny baby lettuces!

the loungeroom, with our strange collection of furniture - our "give us your shit" house warming was a very successful furniture drive!

view into the kitchen, with the "why bike?" poster.

adorable little gumtree, looking a bit the worse for wear (from the cold), but still struggling on. (matchbox for scale).

my room, in all its disorganised splendor. how good is my new desk???


grotapuppyinafewdays said...

i tried to make that my most fave video ever on youtube, butit wanted me to sign in , so i didn't

that all looks good - i wonder if it is the heater killing you gumtree, rather than the cold - don't put it too near a heater, i think

desk is great

nothing else to say

i'm going to play on youtube because im at work and someone has given me headphones so i could listen to you in private - now i'm going to listen to monty python


gumtreefid farmer said...

aw, you let a little technicality get in the way of my youtube megastardom? rude!

no, the tree perked up when i had in the spare bedroom above the heater. now it's back in my room, which has the heater working, but not very well, so it's still not what you'd call cosy and warm. the tree is okay, though even its new little leaves have brown tips. who knows what a little gumtree needs?

desk is v. great, though needs a clean before i can fully utilise its whole surface. . .

hope monty python was fun! i just sent a friend the semaphore version of wuthering heights - she'd never seen it before and thought it was hilar.


itchy said...

are you talking to me yet?unbelieveably, i'd still like your new address. and this not being talked to bores me.

Gauri said...

your desk is AWESOME. i have a picture of it cut out and pasted in my house scrapbook. i mean not of yours obviously, but of that desk cut out of an ikea catalogue. did you know this about me ?

your accent is not that weird ! it's a little more canadian than it was but it wasn't super extra canadian or anything. loved the video, and i love your new house !

Nimmersatt said...

Can I have the semaphore version of wuthering heights?

gumtreefid farmer said...


it is the best desk, ever, surely, and thus has a place in your scrapbook and my office/room and, most importantly, our hearts.

yay for my accent not being too weird! and yay for it being more canadian, cos i kind of enjoy the weird mongrelness of it. and i want to be foreign and important. *nods*

i super extra love your compliments!


gumtreefid farmer said...

here ya go, nimmersatt:

the vid takes a while to get to the semaphor, sorry.

gumtreefid farmer said...

and i obviously can't spell semaphore ever.