Saturday, January 31, 2009

knitting is kool

why won't the paparazzi leave me alone???

look - fishy tail!

i think the red mitts were a success. . .

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ah, so cold and damp

so, i gather it's been a wee bit warm in australia, a bit toasty, a bit sweaty. it's five degrees and raining here. . . *stretches*

it even snowed earlier in the week:

i am toasty and stylish in my hat, mitts and scarf by jt!

i'm into week four of "spring" semester. my classes are okay. one is a hard core theory class where we talk about hermeneutics, mostly. i'm enjoying that a lot. the other is about visual culture studies, which is kind of driving me batty, but still has potential. last week i was so frustrated i nearly knitted a whole mitten!

(one pair for cass, one pair for me.)

i finally got off my bum and started doing PD stuff. i got two papers accepted for conferences! i'm giving two presentations at uni next week! i got a comic published! i'm knitting a hat shaped like a fish!

that's really it for my news. i spend a lot of time making To Do lists and muttering "knit three, knit two together." oh, and six feet under. did i tell you i discovered six feet under? droooool . . .

lots of v.g. maillove recently, including these snazzy valve-caps from DDD, which totally match the colour scheme of my bike:

soon the streets will be ice-free enough to ride, soon, my pretties. . .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

australian christmas

nanny and nyx


visitor to campsite! (i have shown this photo to some canadian friends - they think it is fascinating and exotic)

cousin and puppy

photos from grot (or jt via grot?). thankyou!

[if anyone is uncomfortable with an image being on the net let me know and i will take it down.]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

solstice, christmas, snow

finally got round to putting up some of my many speccy christmas photos - we had a white christmas! it was very beautiful and very cold and very difficult to get around (iced up sidewalks + cars bogged + buses cancelled/delayed).

oh, just before christmas was winter solstice. i went to a lantern festival at the local community centre. they had a flaming torch in the snow, and we stood around it singing winter songs, with the falling snow making our song sheets all soggy.

there was also a labyrinth made from candle-lamps, which one walked through very slowly, all the way in and all the way out. it was incredibly beautiful, and the whole night made me feel good about the world and the winter.

cass and i went to an orphan christmas at winifred's place, which was fun. lots of food, lots of bubbly, lots of presents. cass got a harmonica in the chris cringle. sweeeet.

the best kind of christmas present. . .

also there was a cute gus dog!

the view from the bus stop the next morning, mountains in the distance.

and cass with her stash!

we spent christmas day hanging out with some of cass' mates. some of the pretty things we saw on the walk there:

we spent boxing day doing *nothing*, which was perfect! it was snowing heavily and i was forced to valiantly snowshoe down to the shops:

the end!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

hiking is nice

pantalaimon and i went hiking near deep cove today. the mainland has been deep in fog for the last three days, but up high on the mountains it was sunny, with glorious views:

if you look closely you can see hunks of frozen water in the bay.

not much else news. i have some new picturebooks and i knitted a pair of mittens. they are RED.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this is what i do with my time now

the pink ones are for nanny (ssssssh!) and the stripey ones are for me, as they are my first effort and a little lumpy as a consequence. knitting socks is very satisfying. i enjoy turning the heel.

so uni started again. i'm tired! i'm also sick again (booooooooring), which isn't helping the tired. my classes seem okay so far, and it's very nice to see my uni friends again. my little posse went out for brunch on the weekend, and bitched. it was sweet. i have a gilbert and sullivan play and a jug band concert to attend now (we're a talented bunch).