Thursday, January 29, 2009

ah, so cold and damp

so, i gather it's been a wee bit warm in australia, a bit toasty, a bit sweaty. it's five degrees and raining here. . . *stretches*

it even snowed earlier in the week:

i am toasty and stylish in my hat, mitts and scarf by jt!

i'm into week four of "spring" semester. my classes are okay. one is a hard core theory class where we talk about hermeneutics, mostly. i'm enjoying that a lot. the other is about visual culture studies, which is kind of driving me batty, but still has potential. last week i was so frustrated i nearly knitted a whole mitten!

(one pair for cass, one pair for me.)

i finally got off my bum and started doing PD stuff. i got two papers accepted for conferences! i'm giving two presentations at uni next week! i got a comic published! i'm knitting a hat shaped like a fish!

that's really it for my news. i spend a lot of time making To Do lists and muttering "knit three, knit two together." oh, and six feet under. did i tell you i discovered six feet under? droooool . . .

lots of v.g. maillove recently, including these snazzy valve-caps from DDD, which totally match the colour scheme of my bike:

soon the streets will be ice-free enough to ride, soon, my pretties. . .


Nimmersatt said...

We expect snow on Sunday. And monday and Tuesday I hear. But the days are gettin' longer! just tried to phone you but you were out having fun!

Gauri said...

mittens !!


gumtreefid farmer said...

eee! snow!

it's supposed to get v. cold again here next week.

i got your message. thankyou - i feel loved. i was out having fun at a cafe on the drive (read: trying to do study).


gumtreefid farmer said...

the hat fish loves you and wants to have your babies.

Nimmersatt and the Hard Farmer said...

Tell us more about your comic then! Photo?
Heaviest snow in London for nearly 20 years. Got the day off work and all! (They don't have snow ploughs!)

Anonymous said...

Love that photo!