Saturday, January 31, 2009

knitting is kool

why won't the paparazzi leave me alone???

look - fishy tail!

i think the red mitts were a success. . .


grotamove said...

you're a veritable knitting factory!

if we don't go to warmer climes, i'd like a fishy hat

snow in london - your uk friends need emergency parcels of knitted goods, methinks

Anonymous said...

Hello from DDD.
We are still alive despite half of Victoria going up in flames (again).
Not too much need for mittens on hottest day ever in Vic. 46.something.
Kathy J's sister's house maybe gone.

Anonymous said...

An interloper! Hi, this is John from The Shed magazine in Melton...

Can you email me please?

My addy is theshed@ [at your dad's business email addy]

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you okay? I can't do either FB or phone for another ten working days due to issues with phone connection in new home and FB is blocked at work. Haven't heard from you on email or here for a while.

Nimmersatt said...

Do we take it that you no longer wish to blog?
Fair enough. (But I shall miss it.)