Thursday, April 30, 2009

wholesome pursuits

my new household has a communal garden out back, with our friends who live in the apartment upstairs (who need names. hmm. . .) we had two work parties with lots of friends to dig up two big beds, and dig in compost we trucked out from the city dump in ladner (buzzards circling above the rubbish). lots of worms!

now the beds have teeny tiny seedlings sprouting all over, from the seeds eleanor and i put in weeks ago. it's been lovely and warm, so we're tag teaming daily watering. expect more photos as things get bigger and greener.

the garden is one of my main pleasures at the moment. it's so simple and rewarding.

i also have the usual things in pots, including 18 tiny tomato plants on my desk and this bag of strawberries in the planter grot and ddd sent me for christmas:

they've got much bigger since i took this photo, as has the rhubarb:

also in the wholesome activity vein is the dog agility trails i've been attending with pantimalion, and her dog, lyra. here's lyra whizzing through one of the tunnels:

lyra has speed but no focus, but the two of them have a grand time running round the agility track. i enjoy watching them and meeting all the other lovely dogs that attend these things, including a huge beardie with a topknot.

lyra in slow-mo, being loved on by cassandra:

now i'm off to the island for the weekend. i'm going to take my bike and work on getting my calf muscles back.

and eat salad and go to bed early and knit socks for my grandmother and read _pilgrim's progress_ and wash behind my ears and


Nimmersatt said...

I wish I could go to the Island for the weekend wiv you! What am I doing moving back to Melbourne? Do you think I could get an interesting (sustainablility related) job in Vangroovy?

By the way, didn't you have someone living upstairs once called gus? You could call the people upstairs now Gus and Mr Squiggle and Jane (was it Jane?).

Here's Mr Squiggle, with lots of fun for everyone...

Can you tell I'm at home sick and bored and lonely?

Miss you!


gumtreefid farmer said...

wanna bike round eastern canada with me? i have a hankering to explore the maritimes.

you could totally get an interesting job in vangroovy. come play with me!

no, no guses that i remember. gus is the name of winifred's little dog. i like mr squiggle and jane, though. done!

sorry you're sick and bored and lonely. have you gone for a nice walk along the river? borrowed some buffy from the library?

don't worry, winifred will be there to entertain you soon. (so jealous! of both of you!)