Monday, May 11, 2009

more bloody knitting

look! i made socks!

and see how well my garden is growing! strawberry flowers!


it was cass' bday on the weekend (happy birthday, cassandra!). my household had drinkies and a big cooked breakfast and yesterday we all went on a big ride to steveston. it was about 40k there and back, beautiful sunny day. here we all are spread out along the richmond dyke:

now i'm still pottering on with job hunting, reading and departmental politics. it's quite fun in a gentle way.

it's raining again.


Anonymous said...

what sort of jobs are you looking for?

gumtreefid farmer said...

bike shops, again, cos last summer was fun. i have an interview this arvo!

i'd like more tutoring (or something vaguely in my field), but the ESL thing was so crap last summer i'm still scarred!


Anonymous said...

Hi blossom, staying with Judy and Steve in Melb which is cold and windy.
We all think that your socks are beautiful.


gumtreefid farmer said...

yay! someone loves my socks!

very good to see you here, ddd.