Wednesday, March 10, 2010

melbs is for coffee

1. coffee makes me happy. w/ tine, black cat, brunnie st.

2. next to brunswick st books.

3. short macchiato in a laneway off a laneway, w/ the gauroxen.

4. tres melbourne chic. bar near hardware lane with chairs hanging off the ceiling.

5. university cafe, lygon st, early for meeting jt.

6. latte on the lawn with ten and VNG, belgrave.

7. writing postcards in an art gallery in an alleyway, last flat white before darwin.

8. vegie bra.


Elisabeth said...

One of my daughters lives in Brunswick, Melbourne. Another wrote a short history of the Black Cat Cafe for her Msters thesis.
Therefore I recognise these coffee cups and places. Thanks.

shane tjia said...

huh....:)) yummm....i love coffeeeee....

Gretta said...

yay for that coffee. We loved the coffee in Little Bourke St when down last time.