Wednesday, March 31, 2010

melbs is for gumtrees

gumtrees make me happy!

near tuchfrau and the hardfarmer's place.

on the way to north melbourne train station.

beach near williamstown.

lemon-scented gums at melbourne uni.

'ten says it's not a eucalyptus, but it's in the eucalypt alliance. at melb uni.

merri creek path.

top of the driveway, the 'dale.

the 'dale.

lerderderg gorge.

tiny me, big tree!

lake jubilee, daylesford.

ibis-y things, lake jubilee.

driving out of daylesford.

grant's picnic ground, sherbrooke forest.

one strip of bark from those tall, tall trees.

near tine's place, north fitzroy.

wyndham, WA.

mirima national park, WA.


Eucyleaf said...


Elisabeth said...

I think of Murray Bail's, Eucalyptus, a book of stories and trees.

Quintessentially Australian, as are all your wonderful and evocative images here.

I wonder, do gum trees look different from Vancouver?

gumtreefid farmer said...

haven't read it, lis. i should check if the vancouver public library has it. they have a surprisingly good selection of ausn books.

oh, gumtrees are one of the things i miss the most. they look wonderful from vancouver!

Eucyleaf said...

ooh - I wouldn't recommend Eucalyptus. I was disappointed. But I guess if you are borrowing and not buying you can't go wrong.

A tree book I like is 'If Trees Could Speak' - would have to get back to you with an author. It tells the story of significant Australian trees both native and introduced. It is very cool and one day I will use it to travel around Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gumtreefid,
Beautiful evocative piccies.

yes the confluence of things previously called gum trees is a strange thing.


joven said...

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Whatto! England here....just wanted to say how your lovely pics reminded us of a great couple of months we spent in Oz...Thanx. Tallyho!

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