Saturday, June 14, 2008

treasures found downtown

i had a two hour break in between teaching the other day and was able to spend a little time exploring downtown, something i don't do very often. i went down to the shore and found the most beautiful view. that's canada place on the left, where the cruise ships come in, that's the north shore in the distance (you can watch the little ferries crossing over), and that's the docks on the right:

the weather was lovely for this one day, with beautiful clouds roiling over the sails on canada place:

i also ducked into macleod's, a fabulous second hand bookshop. there's a main floor and a basement just crammed full of books, piled on the floor, stacked two-deep on the shelves and balanced up to the ceiling. i tend not to go there too often cos i always come out with a pile of books, but i just got my tax return, so i figured it was okay. and look what i found!

it's the most fabulous book all about the life and art of maurice sendak, with lots of great reproductions of his work and some interesting commentary and biographical detail. there's a photo of him as an infant, and he looks just like a cranky goblin.

i do love reading.


grotmeister said...

pretty blue sky

b and i just returned from freezing blue sky then silver moonlight sky near canberra - golly II performed well

i am marking pic books for end of semester

itchy said...

you haven't happened to receive anything nice in the post lately have you? it's been a couple of weeks now, hope it hasn't got lost!

itchy said...

woops, just got your email. YAY!!!!!!

itchy said...

are you still working 6 days a week? 6 and a bit to go for me! woo!

can we do lots of lazing about at cafes when I'm there? I do miss that about my pre-fulltime job lifestyle.

grotuhachi said...

you must come home immediately

i am very attached to your precious fat baby feet ...

grotuhachi said...

i am boring with this post

gumtreefid farmer said...

dear grotmesiterjirahari,

isn't it a good sky? it's always so startling when the sky goes blue here - twice as pretty cos novel.

glad golly II is good. will you get a second doll-golly too?

how were pic books?

what are you going to do with my feet? that's kind of creepy, grotty. remember that bit in "the time traveller's wife' where he dreams that he finds his feet in the collection room in an archival box, all pink and wriggly?


ps. i very sorry you bored. i will be update blog very soon.

gumtreefid farmer said...


YES! huzzah!

so pretty so pretty! *dances*

i am still working six days a week. i've adjusted now and am on iron supplements so have more energy. unfortunatly time for lazing round in cafes is short, but i always make the most of it. there are a wide range of local cafes to choose from.

how many weeks now?


grotuhachi said...

the feet stuff refers to the news that they found a SIXTH foot on the beach at Vancouver Island

tho that one turned out to be a fake, the OTHER FIVE were real, amputated feet!!

dont' pretend you don't know about it - i don't need protection - iam old and know the wicked ways of the world

The People Could Fly Project said...

i love your blog!

gumtreefid farmer said...

thankyou, mysterious human!