Monday, September 15, 2008

bike riding and tomatoes

i went on a lovely long bikeride with eleanor and our friend M, yesterday, all the way out to lighthouse park. here's where we went:

see, we started on the drive, went downtown, through stanley park, over lion's gate bridge (scary!) then along marine drive for about an hour (lots of traffic but really great views, with huge trees on our right and the sea on our left), then hit the park. then we sat on a rock looking out over the sea and ate lunch. there was a view along the north shore, of stanley park and the city, and out to UBC on the right. the combination of sea, city, mountains and sky in vancouver really does it for me.

there was also mount baker, hovering in a cloud of smog behind vancouver. mt baker is a volcano in washington state, btw. i'm still wigged out by just how close the good old US of A is.

according to douglas coupland:

Mount Baker is important to the Vancouver psyche in that it stand there, huge, record-breaking and serene, shooting off just enough steam every few years to let us know that if it really wanted to, it could bury us. It's a metaphor for the United States: seductive but distant, powerful and a least temporarily benign.

while we were sitting there, watching america float behind vancouver, we ate a delicious lunch of bread and brie and things i grew:

i have been harvesting like this every couple of days. see how mutant that cucumber is? love it!

one of the spiders that live in my plants:

the end.


itchy said...

wow! what a trek! did you ride all the way home again?

JT said...

Last comment for 5 weeks!!
I will be able to plant tomatoes and basil etc. when I return!!
Happy start of your PhD!!
Lots of Love

Nimmersatt said...

It's so lovely to be able to visualise where you went now!

gumtreefid farmer said...


indeed! i am bike-fit atm cos of riding to and fro uni a lot. i was still a bit sore the next day, though.

gumtreefid farmer said...


bye! have fun!


gumtreefid farmer said...

glad to hear it, nimmersatt. you can imagine all the mountains and the sea and everything now.

good to hear from you!