Wednesday, September 03, 2008

what i was reading last friday, before i became a student again

from the bottom:

the twelve month gardener
was a present from winifred. it is west coast specific and encouraging in a jolly kind of way. i like it.

jokes and the unconscious is a confronting graphic novel about the author's father dying. it is written by Daphne Gottlieb, and illustrated by Diane Dimassa, of hothead fame.

buffy the vampire slayer season eight, part two, is not as good as part one, and not as good as the telly series. hmm.

continuing my peter carey phase is oscar and lucinda, which i'm actually not enjoying very much.

i got the bill bryson on special and i'm not enjoying that much either. i think i'm over his sense of humour.

tove janson's fair play, on the other hand, is thoughtful and quiet and thought-provoking and so carefully written, lovingly translated and beautifully presented. she is the author of moomintroll fame, and this is one of her few adult novels translated into english. i got it in paris.

code of the woosters is comfort reading. i'm told my grandpa liked p.g.wodehouse, which is kind of cool. the cow creamer, jeeves, the cow creamer!

i went walking is one of my favourite board books, with lovely illustrations by julia vivas. perfect for the little person in your life.

to the right is (sing-a-long now!) baaaaaaby beluuuuuuuga!

then the lonely planet guide to canada, well thumbed, and my new guide to cycling in british columbia, both for planning my weekend away.


Grot said...

welcome back to yr blog, oh student one

is there a way to see the post and comment on it at the same time? i can't remember what i wanted to say when yr precious words are not before me

what i remember now is:

1) only carey i like is the true history of ned kelly

2) well over bill bryson a long time ago

3) do you remember me buying a tove Jansson in paree? i'm sure i did, but can't find it

4) which grandpa liked wodehouse?

5) there is no number 5

itchy fingers said...

now that you are a student again, will you be posting more often?

yay! (if yes)

Anonymous said...

Baaby beluuga.
Sings along dutifully.

Anonymous said...

grot, I just absentmindedly clicked on 'show original post' just north west of the comment box, and lo, I have inadvertently found your solution. I can see the post as I type.

Anonymous said...

Your mention of being a student again is so cunningly casual that I almost forgot to ask: How Is It Going????

grotubabe said...

lo! it appears!

never again need i fear that i have not answered/commented on every tiny thought of my precious baby

thank you nimmersatt

gumtreefid farmer said...


but you have such an extensive carey collection! i still remember the cover of your copy of oscar and lucinda - much more interesting than the edition i'm reading.

no, you borrowed mine (janson), i think. or did you buy the other title they had there? i'm kicking myself for not buying it while i had the chance - i've only seen her adult books in shops twice.

the short answer is, i can't remember.

your father like wodehouse. nanny told me one time.

your precious baby

gumtreefid farmer said...


with studying comes procrastination, and with procrastination comes blogging.

thus spake g-farm from on high.

gumtreefid farmer said...


we sang together! huzzah! shall i email the twins and get them to join in?

being a student is interesting. i have to make friends and find lecture rooms and fill in forms and stuff all over again, which is tiring, but the studying bit is fun. ask me again in a couple of weeks?

how ar eyou?