Sunday, September 07, 2008

in other news

i have found the perfect desk.

it is very long, relatively low and wide, and has bookshelves at each end. my plan is to have a computer setup at on end and a reading/notebook setup at the other end, and pile lots of books and paper all over the rest of it. i've never had what i would consider the perfect desk before, and i've just signed up for another five years sitting at my desk, so finding this beautiful piece online has made me unreasonably happy. it will be mine!

miriam says she will drive me out to the 'burbs next week, when i hopefully will have got some of my money out of the university, and will help me stuff the dissembled pieces into the back of her little car.

true love is voluntarily going to ikea with your partner.


itchy fingers said...

your perfect desk does look exciting. coincidentally, i also bought an Ikea desk last week, though mine was very tiny in keeping with the sad truth that I have barely any room for one. I wish you much fun with Allen keys etc.

gumtreefid farmer said...

doesn't it? doesn't it look perfect? i really hope it is, otherwise we'll haul out to ikea for nothing and my heart will be broken.

i have to admit, your mastery of the ikea allen key assembly inspired me to check out their website myself. if itchy can find a desk there, i said to myself, maybe i can too.

this desk will take up the entire space under my window, in that indented bit between my bed and the wardrobe. it might dominate the room a bit, but that's okay. it will be emblematic.

Grot said...

how lovely - now you'll have somewhere to display your new tea-set

Gauri said...

ooh ! i creepily have a picture of that pasted in my homewares scrapbook. i am creepily domesticated. but it is an awesome desk !!!