Friday, August 29, 2008

two years in canada, yesterday

honestly, it seems like about two months since the last anniversary. it has been pelting rain in a depressingly ardent way for the last week, so i rugged up good before taking myself out for bubbly.

the photo was mean to look more pensive and less depressed, but i really like the framing, so i'm keeping it. the necklace was a surprise present in the mail from bbb and grot - noice!

this was the cake i ate. it was delicious:

i have been keeping myself busy with attending orientation events in the rain. i have a student card, which makes me very happy, a u-pass (as seen below), which allows me on all public transit for free (actually an $80 fee per semester), and a bunch of pamphlets about the library and the swimming pool and my health insurance.

miriam and i are ducking off this weekend for a last minute last holiday before i'm in school full time and she's on call full time. stay tuned for photos of rainy beaches and rainy ferries and me in the rain.


itchy fingers said...

here's a toast to you and your two years.


did you see me toast? hope so, because I drank the last of my wine and can't do it again.

Anonymous said...

Lots of rain here too - about 90ml in August.

I must look up your annual rainfall.

Have a lovely weekend away!


Grot said...


if you were here, you could put this up with the wattle photo i sent you, but you're off in the rain, so i'll imagine ...

good luck with werk and study

Anonymous said...

hey, check this out:
Although popularly thought of as being a rainy city, Vancouver has only 166 days per year with measurable precipitation on average, and 289 days with measurable sunshine. Nonetheless, from November until March, it is not uncommon for there to be 20 consecutive days with some amount of rain. The weather pattern known as the Pineapple Express often brings warm rainstorms in the winter.

There you go, it's not really rainy at all! (according to Wiki)
Your average rainfall of 1117ml is just a little more than you experienced when growing up in the 'dale. However that is now a great deal more than our current our new, reduced average.
So there,

Anonymous said...

Go hug a wattle for Wattle Day!


gumtreefid farmer said...

thanks, itchy. good bubbly, wasn't it? we should do this again some time.

gumtreefid farmer said...


ta, we did!

meh. wikipedia is not a reliable source, as i used to tell my students. when i say it rains All the Bloody Time i mean it rains All the Bloody Time.

though it didn't rain at all today, which made for a nice ride home.


gumtreefid farmer said...

thanks, master grot!

is my anniversary always on wattle day? cos that's kinda cool.


Gauri said...

happy two years ! i read this ages ago and thought i commented, but apparently not.

Anonymous said...

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