Wednesday, August 20, 2008

adventures with the posse part 1

on our first day we went cycling in stanley park. this was the only day missymojay had with the whole gang. vancouver splashed out its best sunny weather for the public holiday, and the forest was beautifulbeautifulbeautiful!

we had a picnic lunch, with potato salad and a lump of squishy brie as big as my head.

my chronology is getting all messed up here, but we also went out to the naam for dinner for missymojay's last night. but it wasn't the same night as went to stanley park. oh well. we went to the naam and it was *tasty*. just before i moved to vancouver missymojay drew me a little map of vancouver, with things on it like "commercial drive" and "stanley park". the naam was one of the things on the map, so it was fitting to go there all together.

missymojay contemplating the menu:

nimmersatt and itchy bonding:

cassandra and nimmersatt bonding:

the blurry photos are mine, and the nice ones at the naam are by itchy. she tried to take a self-portrait at the naam but we all kept wobbling the table so she ordered us to "find an elbow position and hold it!" silliness ensued:

we are hilarious.

missy headed off the next morning (bye, missy! hope you are having fun in europe! love to SB!), and cass went to her second day at NEW JOB, and the remainder of us headed off to the beach with winifred.

it was another hot day, and the sea was very cold, and the mountains very pretty behind the water. we paddled and splashed, and lay around talking, and ate all the naam leftovers and some cinnamen scrolls miriam had made for lunch. here's me being sunsmart:

and itchy being pretty:

and nimmersatt with the beach and mountains behind her:

i am so in love with her yellow sunnies.


grotuhachi said...

fun, fun, in the canadian sun

(i have nothing more intelligent to say at this moment)

gumtreefid farmer said...

til daddy takes the t-bird away?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Looked so much fun! Wish I had been there. Anyone for NY at Christmas?

gumtreefid farmer said...

yes, i wished you were there too. though your trip sounded like okay fun too. . .

oooo, tempting! *really* tempting. let me chat to miriam. . .

too many ellipses.

Anonymous said...

Yes, will have to look at finances, flights, accom, talk to N etc - but exciting idea!