Sunday, August 10, 2008

i'm baaaaaack!

well, kind of. i don't have my own little laptop with me, so i can't give you any photos of us frolicking on the beach, or tiny adorable puppy chewing on my arm, and you'll just have to imagine them, 'kay?

many guests! many many guests, bearing chocolate and news of old friends! i have had a lovely time with missymojay and SB (now both gallivanting round dublin, i believe), nimmersatt and itchy (gallivanting round victoria), and cassandra, (hopefully sleeping in preparation for her second week at NEW JOB!). we have been to the beach and to the aquarium, and cycled round stanley park and gone promenading on the drive. exciting action packed tourist adventures ahoy!

now i am puppy sitting for a prof-friend, so i have charge of a huge house, two cats, a tank of fish and a puppy for ten days. lucy is a 15 week old golden retriever, and so so cute. she's like a fluffy white lamb which gambols in the grass then suddenly develops fangs and tries to knee cap you. it's the mixture of adorable and vicious that really keeps the relationship lively.

last night miriam's family came over and played raucous card games til midnight. itchy was very good at demon even though it was her first time and we had drunk quite a lot of wine. she has some photos up on her flickr account, so go there and admire the mountains.

i hear chewing from upstairs. must dash!


jt said...

Welcome back! It's been lonely on the blog for a little while.
Frolicking on the beach, I wish!! It's been cold and wet and snowing at Beechworth. Never mind, Spring in aa couple of weeks, and then I'm off to the cold and wet of Ireland (I'm betting) and the warm of Spain!! Yeehar!!
Have started packing. Bit worried about flying Qantas though after their dramas everyday for 2 weeks!
Lots of Love

Gauri said...

i want to lick your face !!

gumtreefid farmer said...

oh, sorry, jt! i'm back now! thankyou for standing by me!

sorry to hear about the wet and cold, though it is exciting that you've got so much rain. the leaves are starting to turn here, and it's rained the last few days. sigh.

squee! ireland and spain! so exciting! you'll be fine. qantas has never crashed, you know. . .


gumtreefid farmer said...

*upppp your nose!*