Saturday, August 23, 2008

adventures with the posse on high bridges part 3

our last group excursion was to lynn canyon park on the north shore. this is a beautiful park with lots of hiking trails, a nice river and a (high!) suspension bridge.

we went for a bit of a walk in the lush temperate rainforest. it's second growth, but it's hard to tell from the height of the trees.

it smelt good and green, and the river rushed by the side of the path. i enjoyed being in a canadian forest with other australians, and having my interpretation validated of the forests here as oddly symmetrical or parallel or something. beautiful, of course, but odd.

winifred had suggested we bring our togs, cos there's fabulous little water pools along the length of the river, thus:

(photo by itchy). it was the most amazing crystal clear green water. nimmersatt, miriam and i all went in. cold! SO COLD! this is what comes of swimming in glacier fed water.

we spent about half an hour gradually edging in deeper and deeper, and eventually both nimmersatt and miriam ducked under completely, which was very brave of them. i stopped at the armpits because i am a big wossbag.

itchy was being nature photographer. she took this shot of one of the foolhardy teenage boys diving off high rocks into the deep pool:

on the way home we had blueberries and spelt-crust pizza. a most agreeable excursion.

(oh, and in between cassandra and nimmersatt went to salt spring island, and nimmersatt and itchy went on a whale watching tour, which is all kickarse cool, but not for me to blog about. i stayed at home and minded the puppy and marked 40 first year essays on euthanasia.)

for itchy's last night she and i went out to the sushi place with bad service. it was delicious! (photo of me by itchy)

we went via one of the many organic-specialist-100-mile supermarkets on the drive and stocked up on two types of maple syrup and many kinds of local chocolate:

the next morning we had lazy coffee at prados then went to the airport, where itchy filled in squillions of forms about not being a terrorist or a drug mule.

it made me sad when she left.


itchy fingers said...

me too! wah!

Anonymous said...

Fab pictures - you look like you had so much fun!

gumtreefid farmer said...

*sympathy wail*

(for itchy)

gumtreefid farmer said...

thanks, HF, we did!

you must be glad to have your own nimmersatt back.

i miss her too.