Thursday, October 02, 2008

a mediation on leadership in two parts, followed by a question

tonight i went to a friend's place and watched first the american vice-president debate, then the tail end of the canadian president debate. it was fascinating. i mean first, it was fascinating that eight 20 and 30-somethings would voluntarily hang out and watch such a thing, especially for a country that only two of us come from (one american-canadian dual citizen, one american applying frantically for canadian PR), but it was mostly fascinating looking at the rhetoric the americans were using. the massive emphasis on being middle class, and their intended audience and voting public being middle class, the ability of the opponents to agree - *phew* - on the fact that marriage should only be for one man and one woman (and palin's amazing comment that "some of my best friends are homophobic"), the complaints about foreigners not having america's best interests at heart and the mind-boggling arrogance and insularity of their patriotism. anyways. distracted.

the canadian debate had all five (six?) candidates sitting round a table talking to each other, mostly, mediated by a reporter, answering questions the viewing public had pre-recorded for them. they talked about how good medicare is and what a wise decision it was to stay out of iraq (i think). apparently they had a similar debate a few nights ago, but all in french, and harper's french is not too bad now.

i don't know, it doesn't do to glorify canadian politics, and lord knows there's bad stuff going on here, but compared to america it's such a haven.


last weekend i played a game called "werewolves and villagers", which was sweet fun. kind of complicated to explain - there's an explanation here. i got lynched a couple of times, once at miriam's direction (rude!). anyway, part of the game involved choosing a mayor, and they never lived more than a round or two after rising to power. lynched or slaughtered by werewolf. it was very interesting.

so i was wondering how old k-rudd is doing. has he lived up to expectations? any slip-ups? not living up to election promises? tell aunty kant all, she can't get The Age here.


gumtreefid farmer said...

also the shiny whiteness of their teeth! blinding!

the americans i mean, not the werewolves. they only killed at night, so you couldn't see if their teeth were shiny or not.

itchy fingers said...

did she really say that? are you sure it wasn't tina fey?

maybe tina fey has replaced her in the dead of night, not like anyone would notice the difference, apart from feeling marginally more entertained. . .

Anonymous said...

why not?


Anonymous said...

I hear he has made thousands more postgraduate places open to the Postgraduate Loan Scheme, so you don't have to pay up front.

gumtreefid farmer said...

really, nimmersatt? that's kinda cool!

grot said...

Krudd DOING nothing useful about climate change, but SAYING stuff about it

just had the driest Melbourne September on record

- but remember, it's NATURAL and we needn't worry about it

lol "the americans i mean, not hte werewolves"!

gumtreefid farmer said...


not in as many words, but yes. it was a remarkable rhetorical tour de force. or however you spell it.

i haven't seen tina fey, actually. i did watch a youtube video of john howard and stephen harper saying the same speech in different accents. it was very entertaining and creepy.

gumtreefid farmer said...

but, bbb, that takes so much effort. also i want to know what the public thinks - if you could throw him to the werewolves, would you?

gumtreefid farmer said...


hmmm. see, this is waht the papers won't tell you. (or have they been reporting on it?).

the americans last night weren't sure what had caused global warming. . .

glad you liked my joke. i did too.