Wednesday, October 08, 2008

things fall in fall

less gardening updates, also, as less exciting things are happening as the weather cools down. the speckled roman tomatoes, however, have ripened over the last couple of weeks, slowly, slowly, which is fun.

these ones have a habit of dropping off the vine while still green, or splitting, so i have a fine collection of fruits ripening on the windowsill:

from left to right is speckled romans, yellow pears, paul robeson (the only one i got!) and a punnet of chiapas wild.

the plants are dying, even as the last fruit ripens.

the cucumber plant is also dying, while still fattening one last cuke, but it doesn't look picturesque.

i have begun some winter planting. from left to right is onions, swiss chard, and carrots, with a backdrop of the old lettuce crop, now completely gone wild.

i have three different kinds of garlic cloves, ready to pop in pots. luckily i am a container gardener, as all my plants are ready and easy to move to my NEW APARTMENT. which move will happen, uh, late next week. . .


itchy fingers said...

that first photo is delicious.

tell me more about the apartment, please.

Anonymous said...

I am at work listening to an electronic man's voice read me your blog. He is also intermittenlty reading the words I type here - though I am too fast for him actually. I can also change the font size and spacing and if there is a popup box then it will read that to me too! Wow! (We have an open evening tonight but everyone is downstairs at the mo listening to the principal speak.)

Anonymous said...

Ps not getting far with Chomsky - thanks for asking - because it's too serious. It's not hard to read, but so far not as empirical as I'd like. I prefer Naomi Klein. He is obviously an essential part of my lefty education but at the moment I have abandoned him in favour of rereading some Tamora Pierce, and reading the Never Ending Story in German. (Did you know it was originally German?)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm home and I've read it properly. New apartment! Well done! What's it like then?

Gauri said...

i lurrrve your gardening !

gumtreefid farmer said...


isn't it pretty? i was very taken by the grain of the wood and the texture of the tomatoes.

will tellyou more about the apartment when we move in. don't want to jinx it.


gumtreefid farmer said...


that sounds fascinating! i wonder if i can make my computer do that? i know how to make it read word documents - spent many happy procrasinatroy hours making my computer say rude things - but not online.

i am pro comfort reading instead of serious lefty reading. i didn't know the never ending story was in german. is it good?

thanks for congrats on apartment! i will tell you more as it unfolds.


gumtreefid farmer said...


i knew someone liked my garden posts but i couldn't remember who. it was you!

ta for encouragement.


grotnothing said...

i also like your gardening posts, but i can't always think of something witty and insightful to say about tomatoes and chiapas (whatever they are)

gumtreefid farmer said...

that's quite okay, grotnothing. i can feel your support for my blog vibrating through the airwaves.