Saturday, December 20, 2008

cold! cold! oh my ears and nose!

a shot in my new neighbourhood, when the snow was still fresh everywhere.

there's still little birds in the trees - i wonder what they eat?

and a view down an alley in my 'hood. this is looking west, you can see downtown in the distance.

today is a forecast top of minus 6, and there's a big snow storm coming. i'm rugging up good and loving on my big down jacket!


grotnyx said...

minus six does seem very cold - this will freeze your remaining freckles right off

a balmy 30 degrees here - the usual prechristmas weather before it gets too hot

dogs, or rather, A dog, (mentioning nyx names) has dug up all but one of my tomato plants, which weren't doing well any way

b going to garden of st E to buy some if possible

beans and corn and potatoes and pumpkin doing well

hope the xmas break doesn't harm them - but we're taking the small dog, so the plants will be better off

JT said...

Give me an old arthritic dog any day!!! Although the little digger is awfully cute!!!
I just can imagine living in such a climate!! I get depressed when it is only cold and grey for 3 months. I'd be off my rocker!
Wnet to the Carols last night and it was a lovely warm clear sky night. Now I feel like Christmas>
Lots of Love

JT said...

That second paragraph should read I just CAN'T imagine .....

JT said...

Must be too early in the morning. Disregard typo!!!

gumtreefid farmer said...

yes! i can feel myself getting paler every day!

mmmm, 30 degrees. . . actually that sounds a little hot right now. i would dig 10 or 20 degrees.

oh, your poor tomatoes! i'm so sorry! but glad to hear about the other plants. i ahve started planning our vegie garden, for when the ground defrosts. . .


gumtreefid farmer said...


you wouldn't like an adorable ickle puppy? really???

no, i don't think you'd like it here, jt! though today it is brilliant and sunny (sun reflecting off all the snow!) and hovering around -2, which is not at all bad, really. not grey at all!

i sang carols in the snow last night and feel a bit christmassy too.