Thursday, December 18, 2008

growing things is fun

nature just likes to keep us on our toes, you know?

eleanor and i are on a mission to green up the new house. it's kind of challenge cos we don't get a huge amount of natural light, so we're being very inventive.

this is my attempt to grow things from cuttings - ivy bits stolen from front fences, and african violet leaves planted in coffee cups and humidifying in a bread bag. apparently you can make a whole african violet from a leaf!

i'm particularly proud of this window shelf arrangment. eleanor conceived it, other roommate M built it, and i arranged and cared for the plants. i've had to bring in all the vegies growing in pots on the back veranda, because the soil literally freezes solid overnight. so that's rainbow chard on the coffee table (silverbeet is the closest australian equivalent), carrots to the left of the table and tiny baby corianders in the blue pot on the far left of the shelf. we also bought a beautiful chain of hearts (or rosary plant?) to hang. v.g.


itchy said...

i used to go an stare longingly at the chain of hearts plants at CERES (do you remember in the little greenhouse section?) but never got around to buying one. so pretty.

Anonymous said...

looks beautiful! they sometimes stock rainbow chard at friends of the earth, and we use it in curries. ps. package is coming I promise!

gumtreefid farmer said...

apparently they're very hardy, as well as very pretty, so that's why we went in.

also once they get bigger they make babies, kind of like spider plants, so you can regift them forever and ever.

gumtreefid farmer said...


really? it's not just a wacky north american thing? i am so confused.

still, tasty.

yay for package, even if imaginary!

Gauri said...

that window looks delightful !

gumtreefid farmer said...

thankyou, gauroxen!