Tuesday, December 16, 2008


it's cold! it's puffy coat cold! it is, actually, freezing cold - the temperature is not expected to go above zero for another week or more. it snowed lots a few days ago, and there's 5cm predicted for tonight. here's hoping for a white christmas!

went for a nice walk in the suburbia north of here with eleanor and winifred yesterday, and checked out the stunning views of the snow-covered mountains on the north shore.

there's shipping yards and a rail-line between the 'burbs and the water, so you can't get down to the shore except in a few places.

and this would be a very pretty photo if my long distance focus was better - see the white mountain framed in the far distance?

i'd forgotten, since february, how cold it is when it's cold. oh my nose and fingers! there's also the hazards of walking on slippery pavements - the snow melts in the sun then refreezes as ice. but it is pretty, and there's nothing like coming inside and making a nice cup of coffee after a walk in the cold. i'm knitting my first beanie and watching dvds from the library. bliss!

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gumtreefid farmer said...

i recommend looking at the photos of views in big - just click on the image.