Tuesday, January 29, 2008

everyone loves a snow day

i got a snow day today! that means there was 15 cm of snow overnight on the mountain and they decided it was too dangerous to drive up there, so they cancelled all classes and i spent today romping in the snow with miriam instead of in my office fending off students who want me to write their first papers for them. huzzah for that!

it's very beautiful and not too cold (top of 4), and the snow was nicely packable for snow ball fights and snow ball juggling. not that i'm obsessed.

i am still completely lacking in self-direction, but have taken up pen and ink drawing again and reading EKS for fun, and i've organised a potluck for the weekend, so i'm enjoying my free time again. (also have become a whizz at suduko and watched more episodes of "sex in the city" than i care to admit to.) long phone calls with cassandra, vta, itchy and nimmersatt have helped tremendously in inspiring me to get out of the house. if only the sidewalks weren't so damn slippery. . .


BBB said...

Now that does lok pretty.
Where's the skiers??

Epponnee-Rae said...

on the mountains!