Sunday, January 20, 2008


we have the inty connection from hell, so i haven't posted although i've tried! ziggy and i are looking into buying our very own connection but it's uber$$$ and neither of us are flush atm. i plan to go to a cafe with wireless sometime soon so i can upload some photos. are y'all busting to see about our trip?

i'm job hunting, or fielding my options, which is okay in a boring kind of way. i think tutoring or working at the VPL is my best bet at this pint. i might be having some sort of minor identity crisis. in the last two days i've:

cleaned the bathroom
polished my shoes
done bike maintenance
cooked lots
washed my woollies
done my mending
cleaned the stove
done the dishes sixteen million times

ziggy says she's quite happy if i stay in my crisis for a while longer. . .

winifred's birthday this weekend, so many parties and much beer. miriam and i also went to a two year old party, which, instead of beer, had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a giant cardboard castle to decorate. it ended with the birthday boy having a tantrum and being put to bed: the perfect ending for a toddler party.

now i am going to hop on my bike and run away to the circus again. it's sunny! must enjoy the sunny!


groteaux said...

i don't recall you ever having a similar housecleaning crisis at home

itchy said...

come and have a crisi in my room! all my clothes have mysteriously migrated to my floor since I went to tassie!

also, yes, i am busting. get inty and get those photos out there! p.s i asked you and grot to answer a query about the graffiti cards some time before, which I never got an answer about. do y'all still want them? what size? let's talk, your people and mine. . .

also also, i've got house interviews today. aargh, wish me luck with finding someone not psychotic.

Anonymous said...

GTG!! my friend tried to call you, left a message. they are going to havanas tonight. I emailed you her phone number yesterday.
xo vta

Epponnee-Rae said...


that's how you can tell i'm really really grownup now. also the kitchen bench is about the size of the kitchen sink in the 'dale, so you notice the mess more.

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy -

oh, my room's still a sty. i'm not *that* crisisy!

yes, we still want them, we said that already. i can't remember what the question was about size. what do you think, mothermine?

how was tassie? when are you posting?

good luck with the interviews! i met a girl in a coffeeshop today who looked exactly like that kiwi who lived in the back shed in the house where they ate all my food. it wasn't her though, cos she said "eh" in a canadian accent, not kiwi.

the end

Epponnee-Rae said...

ta, vta. gonna try calling now.