Sunday, January 20, 2008

where's my wrist tape?

ah! the connection is holding!

here's what i did since i last wrote. i rode along the bike paths to false creek and around it to granville island. these were the sorts of views along the way:

aren't my mountains looking beautiful?

all the construction is due to the skytrain line they've been building for eleventy billion years (businesses along the line are closing down from lack of business and trying to sue the city - very complicated).

then i saw a circa show at granville island - it was totally kickarse. circa is a brisbane group and they're here as part of a fringe festivally thing. they did two free shows today and i got into the second one after much lining up (hard to read in line when your fingers are all cold and tingly) and it was so much fun! the show was called "46 circus acts in 45 minutes" and it looked a bit like this, except more pared back:

there was juggling and lots of tumbling and balancing and some static aerials and some slapstick and manipulation and some audience participation, and the four performers were *built* and had great accents. oh, i miss circus. i love the mix of skill and strength with humour and playfullness, and theatre and narrative mixed with physical tricks. i did find this show was missing the politics of groups like the women's circus and circus oz. cirque de soleil is in town soon, but tickets cost several hundred dollars. i might try and catch circa again instead.

maybe i will take up juggling again now i have free time.

then i rode home back along false creek and it was stunningly beautiful:

(photo stolen from the interwebs - my camera sucks at night shots)

now i am eating curry. yum.

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