Saturday, January 26, 2008

hat tricks

it's overcast and cold outside, threatening snow. we've had a week of brilliant sunshine and intense coldness, which was a fabulous interlude in this long winter. i've spent a lot of time on my bike, riding down white frost-covered streets with my scarf up over my nose. i also rode for the first time with snow on the ground - not on the road, but next to it, which made me feel hardcore without actually being dangerous.

i went to a juggling club meeting, which consisted of a bunch of people in a big empty room all practising their tricks. i got to borrow some balls and clubs (can still juggle three clubs! it's been more than a year, so i was worried) and also learnt a bunch of hat tricks from a professional juggler there. the hat was like a slightly over sized bowler, thick and heavy, and i learnt various ways of flipping it on and off my head, up and down my arms and twirling it round my hands and through the air. it was not hard to learn, and very satisfying to do, especially in the reflection of the windows.

a couple of friends and i spent half an hour in the pool one night too, doing flips and dives and underwater tea parties and pretending to drown and being saved. that was all sorts of fun.

i'm feeling very fit and energized, and a bit sore. on on!


Gauri said...

ooh that sounds like fun. glad you're fit and healthy !

have you looked at the video i sent you yet ??

groteaux said...

b coulnd't find your clubs easily - will have to venture further into the pile ...

Anonymous said...

I just had lunch with K and C - they arrived back this morning. said they had a lovely time with you!! thank you! xo vta
ps. I might call you tomorrow

Epponnee-Rae said...


i am totally buff and manly. wanna feel my muscles?

yes! i luuuuurve it! i'd totally forgotten about "name of game". now i'm trying to teach people here, and they whine about it a lot. it's funny to see you two, especially with yr weird-arse accents.


Epponnee-Rae said...


bother. maybe i did put them in a box after all. i thought they were in a milk crate or that big green pot or something. they're multi-coloured and sparkly with yellow handles, and i kept them in a handmade yellow bag with blue stars on (but they stuck out the top in an obvious fashion.)

ta for looking!

Epponnee-Rae said...


i had a lovely time with them too! we had good chats. do send more aussies my way.

do call. i am home the next few days.