Wednesday, June 24, 2009

we'll have lots to eat this winter

grow your own

spring onions in beer bottles and bubble tea cups (the beer is le fin du monde!)

salad greens, to make into salad:

can your own

eleanor and i biked thirty k out to ladner and picked strawberries for a couple of hours, loading them all up in yoghurt containers in our panniers for the trip back.

we froze half of them, and canned the other half. now we have strawberries for winter!

eleanor also cracked it one day and announcing she was quitting all her activist positions and staying home and making all our bread, cheese and yoghurt. so we joined a cow co-op (we're still on the waiting list - i'll tell you more when the milk appears) and ordered a bit of flour and grains:

her bread is delicious:

we also made lemon tart one day:

(and here's some cake from a 60th bday cass and i went to last week, which i neither grew nor made, but am very fond of anyways:



nimmersatt said...

I know where the postcard came from. :)

gumtreefid farmer said...

ooo ooo! :D

nimmersatt said...

It's hot!
I'm going to Geneva!
talk soon.