Sunday, June 28, 2009

a day in the life 2

alarm clock! oh noes!

i've got into the habit of taking my coffee into the garden in the mornings; pottering round the tomato plants eases the pain of waking up.

sometimes i get too distracted, though. this morning i had to book it to work. here's my "riding fast" face:

here's part of my commute (not that i stopped to take photos when i was running late):

it was a kind of cold and rainy day, strange after a few weeks of lovely vancouver summer sunshine.

i got to work not too too late.

our first job of every day is too hang all the display bikes out front and lock them up. we have to do this while beating off the customers, who don't appreciate that we physically can't fit them in the shop til all the outside bikes are out!

after that it was life as usual.

cos it was a bit cold and wet the shop was pretty quiet. i spent some time in the bat cave, restocking the tubes and rearranging the locks.

brake pads confuse the hell out of me!

i also spent some time hanging out back with the mechanics, because they are cool.

the tools one needs to assemble this bike.

(a mallet isn't one of them)

i spent my lunch break right there, under that tree.

that's leftover pizza from my dinner party the night before. it was the first time i'd tried cornflour in the dough. an excellent choice.

i'm reading a book by jane rule, who was this local lesbian activist type who academics keep mentioning. the novel isn't doing it for me so much, i have to admit, but i'm ploughing on.

i also contemplated buying new boots. do i look unprofessional? or kind of DIY-biker-hard-core?

business stepped up a bit in the afternoon, selling bikes and helmets and so forth. working with customers on these things is an oddly intimate experience. i spend a lot of time staring at people's earlobes, and the sides of their knees.

i also spend a lot of time removing pedals and turning handlebars, so we can file the bikes without mashing them up. i'm a dab hand with a pedal wrench and tri-al.

these run bikes are a real hit with the under-4 set. they're tiny bikes without pedals, the idea being that the kid learns balance on them and then can go straight to pedalling a bigger bike without training wheels.

it was about this time that we heard the news about wacko jacko, and cranked the stereo in sympathy.

i ducked out to get a cup of coffee in the afternoon. it was sweet to get a break from being nice to people. on the whole, our customers are fabulous hippie, punk, DIY, queer, friendly types, and the staff likewise, but a girl needs some alone time sometimes.

there i am, back hard at work.

at the end of the day we pull all the bikes and stack them inside again. it's how i get my biceps, baby.

i spent some time hanging round w a mechanic friend after we closed the shop. we discussed our unicycling experience. i wasn't so good at stilt-walking at circus, but i can ride a mini-bike okay. the mechanic learnt when he was a kid, but has been too scared to try as an adult.

then i biked over to kate reid's album launch. she's another local dyke-y type who writes very entertaining songs. she sung "co-op gurlz", my favourite song of her's, and a bunch of stuff from her new album. (kate, incidentally, tried to buy my shop shirt off my back when i was working last summer. dyke-chic?)

it was a sweet gig, but i was pretty wiped by the end. long day on my feet!

safety first when biking home after dark, especially after beer!

when i got home mr fix-it and i knitted and watched the X-files.

we saw an entertaining episode with mulder and scully running around in lighthouse park (where we biked to last summer) claiming to be hunting weird alien bugs in washington DC.

then a little reading,

then hand-cream and arnica balm (see above re. biceps), then sleep.

aunty beryll says goodnight!


simone said...

this post is ten types of fabulous! i especially liked the candid shots, did customers let you photograph them?

I have a card I would like to send for your birthday, would that be ok?

nimmersatt said...

Thank you!

HCF said...

Aunty Kath hello!
Thanks for you 'day in the life' photo essay - was great! The bike shop sounds ace as does the gig. How fab that you nearly sold the shirt off your back. You're so cool. I've just got back from my big bike ride and so have bikes on the brain, when we weren't riding them we were talking about them and some of my fellow riders were fairly serious about their cycling technique, prowess and cycling equipment. You would have loved it aunty. I now have legs of steel - or at least that's what I'm saying as I seem to have put on 2 kgs...! I had a day off in Paris and mostly went round the Louvre but managed to squeeze in visit to Shakesphere and co and thought of you. lots of love
Hard Cycling Farmer

grot said...

thank you for the 'day in a life'

my your arms have got hairy as well as strong!

i am going to look in our local bike shop for a new seat - i bet it isn't as cool as yours - i'll give you a report


Nimmersatt said...

Oh we're calling her aunty, now? Does that mean she's the ABC? Yes, I believe it does. Aunty Beryl, Canada.