Monday, June 15, 2009

indoor plants

i think i've mentioned before how i love the greening of this household of mine. actually, i'm pretty in love with my household in general. we spend a lot of time eating together, and knitting, and watching telly (or webstreamed things, cos we don't have a teev). we just started on the Xfiles from the very beginning. scary as fuck.

anyways. greening. here's the living-room window, with the shelf of plants up top, the monstera glowing green in the middle, the "mother of thousands" hanging plant, and a huge rubber tree on the left that our neighbours rescued from an alleyway:

the african violets have done that spontaneous-beautiful thing they do every summer (the closest flowers are white and purple):

i've also learnt how to make african babies. you shove a leaf in the ground, cut it down a bit, and water it for a couple of months.

my desktop now carries a jade plant, an australian mint bush, two tiny gumtrees, a big pot of basil, a tiny sprawling ivy plant and a huge seeding tray with squash and brussell sprouts in. i haven't been doing much studying.


simone said...

did your baby gum trees from last year survive the winter?

gumtreefid farmer said...

one did, one didn't. i tried to start a bunch of new plants, and only got one. the climate here is really against me!

grotanurra said...

grandma peg had african violets on the kitchen windowsills of all her houses