Thursday, February 28, 2008


last weekend was a big food weekend. miriam and i went to the local farmers' market and got some organic locally grown fruit and veg, and we also went to a seed sale at the van dusen gardens. my favourite favourite thing i got at the farmers' market was a brown paper bag of mixed exotic mushrooms. i luuuurve mushrooms, and these were all weird looking and delicious.

i made mushroom risotto, dealing with the slow process the usual way:

it was a world of delicious, but i won't show you a photo, because mushroom risotto always *looks* like grey rice even when it tastes like fabulousness.

at the seed fair i bought some basil seeds (my basil plant died in the cold, but i'm going to try again - this time i'll wait til it's warm) and some lemon-scented gum seeds, which apparently you can grow in a pot - very exciting! i miss gumtrees so much. will keep you up to date with that as i go.

the more immediately exciting thing i got was this:

it's a mushroom bag! if i look after it carefully and follow the insanely complicated instructions on the handout it will sprout shiitaki mushrooms all over, and can harvest them often and eat like a king! the first pic is what it looked like on sunday. here's what it looks like now:

the white blobby things are mushroom buttons! i can't wait!

i also realised that my famous blue lettuces (torn at the shoulder), haven't made an appearance for a while. they're still good! they survived the hard weather fine. they haven't got much bigger, though, which i think is due to overcrowding (and hard weather). see how squished?

so today i did a radical thinning, which i'm also calling a harvesting. hopefully this'll let the strongest plants grow nice and big. if they don't i'll pull them all out and start a new crop with the leftover seed. cos i'm cold and practical like that.

here's is all the lettuces i harvested:

i'm going to make a nice salad to go with my left over risotto. mmm-mmm.


itchy said...

you'd been to the station
to meet every train
and you came home
without lily marlene.

groteaux said...

we grew mushrooms in boxes a couple of times here - i'd forgotten - must see if i can buy another one

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy - *sniffles meaningfully*

groteaux - i remember! they were cute little white button mushies and we grew them under the chair in the bathroom. i wonder if i could put my mushies in the bathroom? they like humidity.

it'll be itneresting to see how the bag works out.

BBBB said...

hello from me! have been to Sydney , but now I'm baaaaaaaack!

I haven't noticed the mushroom boxes for sale, but then I haven't been looking, either. But yes they were pretty straightforward.

G has created a lovely crop of tomoteos pretty orange and red ones. made beautiful topping for last week's pizza.
we have baby pumpkins but not sure if there will be time for them to ripen as the weathre has turned distinctlyh cooler.
However it is pork fairy next weekend which is almost always hot, so we may get pumpkins yet. Here's hoping.

How are you going to grow the eucalyptus citriodora? How long for seed to germinate?