Friday, February 22, 2008


look what i saw running round a local street late the other night! no, no, look closer. see to the left of the middle? that white stripe? that's the back of the skunk. near the base of the lamppost. yes, that's it! (it's hard to take a photo of something that's running away from you on a dark street. you can click on the photo and make it bigger if you want, but i don't know if it'd help.)

the skunk was very big and broad like a plank, and rocked from side to side when it walked. it looked something like this, except bigger and flatter:

(image stolen from the interwebs)

i have no other news. i'm not feeling crash hot, so plan to spend today vaguing around, maybe going for a swim to stretch out some muscles, and maybe heading to a cafe to do some marking. or i might go back to bed and read _night watch_.

it is sunny here again - FABULOUS - and top of 11.
spring is on the way!
there are tiny little pink and green buds on the trees.


groteaux said...

i think i liked night watch

great skunk - one day i'll see one

the wombat woke me up chewing grass under the bedroom window the other night

had lots of bats inside this year - something to do with the new skylights, maybe

no other natcha noos

sorry your not feeling well - my bad

(not really, but i wanted to say it like the NY guy in our writing group does - (he's just had a ss collection accepted by Sleepers))

Gauri said...

eeee !! skunk ! i hope you feel better soon lady.

groteaux said...


don't hit me ...

Epponnee-Rae said...


i really disliked _night watch_ the first time i read it, but i'm getting into it this time. you have to think too much the first time.

aw, wombat. i want a wombat!

seeing the stllar jay was my next exciting natcha news after the skunk - it was a very deep blue colour, with a pointy bit on its head. and big, more like a tree creeper than a robin.

i figured the "your" thing was part of yr yoof speak. i'm going to harrass my lot about apotrophes soon.

*rubs hands in glee*

Epponnee-Rae said...


i am indeed better now. i did stretching and swimming.

i hope you feel better soon.

gimpie mcgimpoid