Friday, February 15, 2008


i got gumboots today! they're purple!

they are also padded/lined, and have a little drawstring round the top, so you can be extra-water-tight. they were $10 at value village (like savers, big opshop) and i have already got my money's worth of puddle jumping.

it's raining again. boooooooring.

but i have many exciting plans for the weekend, with many exciting photo opportunities, i'm sure. be excited, people! i have also gone back and responded to everyone's comments - sorry i've been slow on the uptake. do take the time to read back through.

not mcuh else by way of news since i FINISHED MY MARKING. i saw toshi reagan last night at the railway club. that was pretty damn cool. and kate reid was opening for her, and signed her cd for me (kate's cd, that is, not toshi's. that would be weird). eeeee! and she played my favourite song of her's - co-op girlz. i leave you with a taste of the lyrics:

suddenly i was in a dream-like haze and my mouth fell open wide
well forget my empty stomach cuz my heart was pounding for co-op girlz
co-op girlz, co-op girlz, co-op girlz, ah, co-op girlz
some of the cutest women in nelson are co-op girlz

where do i start i said to myself
i mean there were produce girlz and deli girlz and even herbal supplement consultant girlz

so i kept it fairly simple and i picked up something from the deli
and i was feeling a little more hopeful about myself when the deli-goddess smiled at me

so i marched up to the woman at the till and she asked me for my number and even though i thought she was a little forward i said 357-0126
and i was thinking i had myself a date but then she looked at me and said
"honey you must be new in town, cuz i'm talking 'bout your membership number"


groteaux said...

purple gumboots to match your purple thongs ...

itchy said...

darling, on your link list, it's 'reasons you will hate me.'

not that i'm being pedantic or anything.

Epponnee-Rae said...

groteaux - indeed. now i have stylish apres-work wear for all seasons. (i do have those thongs here, btw, and use them all summer.)

itchy - ta. will adjust.

she's funny, eh? i approve.