Friday, February 15, 2008


i got a little pot of jonquil-like mini daffodils a couple of weeks ago and decided to document their progress day by day. they bloomed and died very quickly, and had a faint but sweet smell. it was very cheering to see signs of spring in the middle of so much winter.

had a long chat with the guy at the nursery. what we call jonquils don't exist in canada, which makes me very sad. i miss their smell so much. but these little daffies were a nice substitute, and i can grow them from the bulbs next year, which will be even more satisfying.

just blooming

full bloom in snow

planning a bike ride

making pizza dough for potluck

after the potluck (more dirty dishes piled up in the loungeroom)

leftover wine from potluck

starting to shrivel, by the marking

after this point they started to look pretty beat up, so i stopped photographing them. wait til next year for the next exciting episode!


Gauri said...

the mini daffodils cooking and washing the dishes has got to be one of the cutest things i've seen. eee.

groteaux said...

marking always makes the mini-daffs shrivel, in my experience

next time, keep them further away from the pile of essays and they'll last much longer

b said...

way hey!
A photo essay!

photo journalism next??

itchy said...

i like! more pictures of your house and neighbourhood, please.

Epponnee-Rae said...

gauri - thanks! the daffies say *blushes*

groteaux - ah, i see. if only i'd know that earlier. will remember for next year.

bbb - i did a photo essay of my office, didn't i? i will perhaps do another of house and neighbourhood for itchy.

itchy - sound good? any particular requests?