Thursday, March 13, 2008

crosswords are fun, as is MLA

my nose piercing is, well, EEEEEEEEW.

that's enough about that. i have a massive stench like tea-tree oil.

teaching today was fun. we did MLA and "what's the point of using sources?" i think the students enjoyed it more than last week, which was a little quiet. they seem excited about their next essay too. i'm looking forward to reading these ones (actually! not like when i say in class "i look forward to reading your papers.") cos they're talking about their own experience. there should be some good variety.

i got this fabulous new toy - the little flip book of new york times crosswords. so much fun! there's about 40 monday crosswords, then 40 tuesdays and so forth, with the answers on the back. cos the NY times puzzles get harder as the week progresses, you know. i tried a wednesday once. it was very tricky. the mondays i'm doing now are certainly very challenging, but also very satisfying. i have a disadvantage doing american crosswords, cos i don't know geography, history, sport, politics or slang. but i muddle through. actually, there was the first australian clue i've ever seen today! the clue was "animal in the qantas ads". the answer was "koala".


no more news on the phd front. i have a bottle of bubbly waiting for me for when i make a decision, any decision.

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