Sunday, March 23, 2008

over the weekend

over the weekend miriam and i went to mayne island, just for a flying trip while she had a few days off call. it was totally cool - very relaxing and lots of natcha. i know this makes me a walking cliche, but just looking at an expanse of sea and sky makes me feel like the world is a good place to be.

mayne island is a very small island between vancouver island and the mainland, relatively close to vancouver. actually, here's a photo i took on the island which shows a mountain range on the mainland in the background:

look closely - behind the ferry there, see those looming black shapes? and the white on the top, mixing with the clouds? that's snow on the mountains tops. sweet.

the coast of mayne is mostly rocks, all beautiful, sculpted by the wind:

i saw four seals swim past this point. miriam and i went for a long walk round on the rocks, looking at things in rockpools. there were teeny tiny little hermit crabs, and squidgy little anemone things and stunning purple starfish:

this photo doesn't do justice to their purpleness. they were so beautiful. never seen anything like it. i touched one! did you know starfish are hard? and cold? almost scaly? weird as. i always thought they'd be squishy. the things you learn when you travel. . .

i also learnt about s'mores. you roast a marshmallow:

(roasting from the *outside* of the fire, cos it was so hot). then you smush it between two sweet biscuits, with flakes of chocolate layered on so they melt with the heat of the marshie:

very very sweet, but also tasty. i think i would have enjoyed them more if i was thirteen, but it was nice cultural experience.

that's about it for island stories. oh, i also saw deer resting in a field of daffodils and heard a flicker, which is a canadian woodpecker. and saw more arbutus trees. i do love them:

then we hopped back on the ferry and came back to piles of marking (me) and unwritten assignments (miriam).

i think the lump of land on the right is galliano island, but i'm not sure. any ideas? i think the ferry terminal is on the south west side of mayne. remember you can make image bigger by clicking on it.

we have plans for more island hopping in the future. so looking forward to it.


groteaux said...

so nice to be on a broadband connection (internet cafe) where your pictures just appear as the page opens

that all looks lovely - the arbutus trunk reminds me of a snow gum

yes, lots of nasty stories - no real surprises, but i am pleased that the character bits I made up turn out to be fairly accurate

it's like being in retreat - haven't had any communication with anyone who knows me, except you - you're always here for me!xxxx

tv says it has been raining a lot where bbb is - hope he hasn't gone more mouldy

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.
Bloody autumn had appeared already. Had to scrape the ice off my car windows this morning and wear 4 layers and gloves. Am never prepared for the end of the warm even though deep deep down I know it is nearly April.
Since when has bbb been mouldy?? I've never noticed!
A retreat, huh - bet is not at all like the ones I remember!!! And no surprises in the records office 0 what a pity.

Anonymous said...

ps that was me. Having trouble publishing my comments. This is the third go.

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great time - you deserve it. smores look delicious!

Epponnee-Rae said...

shall i post more videos, grotty? they take up lots of bandwidth! actually, maybe it's time for a "eppooneee-rae has a funny accent" update, cos my "R"s are shifting. but then cassandra is coming, which will make me more australian again. . . hmm. how bout that weather?

i will always be here for you, my darling. actually, i implanted a small device in your shoulder when we were in paris. now i can follow your every movement.

glad you're enjoying your retreat. is it warm enough to go swimming there?

Epponnee-Rae said...


at least it's not *snowing* there! we had white-out briefly on the mountain yesterday, and all my students were whinging.

sorry to hear you're so cold. have you considered a nice down jacket? i love mine to bits, though i can only wear it when it's below 6 or so.

i second your comment about BBB's mouldiness! explain, mother dearest!

Epponnee-Rae said...

vta, thankyou, darling. hope you're doing okay. hang in there.

Gauri said...

ahhh that looks awesome. i wish i could teleport.

itchy said...

oh, island hopping! save me a seat!

groteaux said...

yes, it was hot enough to swim in perth, but i was too busy looking at old documents

now i am down on the coast and it is not hot enough for swimming - that's what i get for giving up my faith

but there are salmon gums everywhere and lots of birds and the locals are v friendly because it is the outback