Friday, March 28, 2008

honestly, it's march. this is ridiculous.

and a longer vid with less snow and a slightly incomprehensible story about my reaction to the snow on campus yesterday. i do have an entertaining accent, though.


Anonymous said...

Tis dark here at 8.00 am and the street lights are still on. Looks like rain - I cant believe I'm going to say this - but I hope so!!!!!
I have taken everyone's advice and have already invested in a nice down jacket, much to Stef and Corinne's horror!! I couldnt tell them why I wanted to go to Kathmandu, but they wormed it out of me.
Daylight saving ends here next week end, so that really does mean winter!
Love the videos and the accent!!!!!

groteaux said...

sadly the telecentre computers here in Ravy seem to block out videos, so i can't see you and your accent.

daylight saving has ended here in WA. the locals hate it - can't get kids to sleep, fades the curtains etc, so they keep voting not to have it

i am surrounded by the local playgroup with lots of very noisy toddlers upending buckets of toys

Epponnee-Rae said...


oh yuck. it's bright and sunny here, and a sprightly seven degrees.

yay for down jacket! come visit me and test it out properly! yay!

glad you enjoyed the vids. i think my Rs are entertaining.

love crazy neice #27

Epponnee-Rae said...


awwwwww. i put them up special-like for you and your broadband. *pouts*

did i tell you about the time i babysit a noisy toddler? he cried and cried and cried cos he missed his mama, so i spent about an hour walking round the streets with him strapped to my back. i think it was karma.

at one point he sang a little song in time ot my footsteps. it went:

no mama
no papa

grot in the west said...

oh, that song is so sad!

here in 'the Kal' at another net cafe, so i saw your vids but with no sound

it's a plot to keep us apart ...

no mama
no daughter