Thursday, March 06, 2008

on the inability of mushrooms to send letters of rejection

urg. i got not one but two rejection letters in one day, so i spent a couple of days wallowing in self-pity. now i'm back on the well-adjusted band wagon. at least narrowing my options helps the decision making process.

that's canadian money hiding my identifying marks, btw. the two-tone one like a euro is a toonie (two dollars), the gold one like an australian dollar is a loonie (one dollar). they have a polar bear and a loon (type of bird) on them, respectively. the next biggest is a quarter, with a moose on (25 cents). then there's a ten cent piece (small and silver) and a five cent piece with a beaver on (bigger and silver). sometimes they're called nickels and dimes. then there's the copper penny, with maple leaves.

my mushrooms allow me to feel successful and competent. see how they've grown!

so happy! i have set up a mushroom environment under my desk, which i monitor with a themometre and humidity-measurey-thingy. there's also a wet sock tucked in there, to keep the humidity up.

okay, it's weird and obsessive. but soon i'll be eating delicious homegrown shiitake mushrooms!

i have to go dress like a grown up now, and teach freshers how to make essay plans. ooo, maybe it's time for my patented "how to use the OED" lesson! what do you think?


itchy said...

poos! those stupid universities don't know what's good for them. do you feel like telling me which?

my belly hurts. it wants shitake mushrooms! or possibly coffee, i'm not sure.

Nimmersatt said...

Hi Lovely,
Here's seconding Itchy's comment! (Well, my belly doesn't want shitake mushrooms, but the other part, definitely!)

I like your comment about it narrowing things down. Very true!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Me thirding - poos to them. Hope you had lots of chocolate that day - always makes you feel better. Unless you eat too much and it makes you feel worse... Thanks for bicycle card and tickets, I don't think I've thanked you. Lots of love MMR

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy - true, they smell like cheese. i don't want to tell you on the open interwebs, no.

your belly maybe wants mushroom tea?

nimmersatt - ta! love to you too.

mmr - chocolate, tick! glad you got the tickets - was wondering if they'd been eaten by the post. hope they're useful!