Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mushrooms don't send letters of acceptance either, though.

i'm worried about my mushrooms! they've stopped their growing spurt and are starting to look shrivelled! am adjusting their humidity. no more photos til they look healthier.

in other news - i finally got an acceptance letter! actually it was a letter and a bunch of forms and a shiny brochure, which says things like "choosing X university for graduate study is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you can make!"

it also says:

"If you don't live here, you probably already have a position impression of Canada - a beautiful country with a peaceful, progressive society that welcome all ethnicities, nationalities and creeds into its cultural fabric. Did you know that Canada is also a major world power in academic research and that Canadian-trained researchers and professionals are in top academic industry and public sector positions all over the world?"

and so on. brochure-wank aside, it's an exciting phd program. i'm running around getting a wide range of advice and information on the program, the institution and the people. will keep you up to date. still checking the mailbox obsessively. there's two letters yet to come.

also in the mail was this:

thankyou, itchy! it's very sweet.

i gave my picturebook lecture again today, which was good fun. i was much more confident this time, and gave a better performance. i also spent a lot of time clearly signposting what i was about to say and had just said, and i could see the student taking notes easily and following what was going on, so that's a good thing to remember for my next lecture, whenever that may be. the prof is going to let me mark some of the papers the students will write on picturebooks, using this lecture and a worksheet i put together, which will be very interesting. i want to see which bits they pick up on, and how they interpret my ideas.

oof, and i had a traumatic loss-of-nose-piercing yesterday. i didn't notice til it'd been out for good knows how many hours and the hole had partially closed up, so i had to spend the afternoon running round to different tattooists finding another stud (i met a very ordinary looking young woman with a large python concealed under her jumper) then about half an hour essentially re-piercing my nose, which was painful as hell. i was very tempted to just let it close up, but i've had the piercing for nine years, and am attached. now i have a dyke-a-tron spike in instead of that neat silver ball. i'll post a photo when my nostril is not so red.

that's about all my news. spring is coming, spring is coming! (shh about that snow a few weeks ago). the cherry blossoms said so:

(blossoms c/o miriam. ditto the radish card in the background there - it has radish seeds sewn in the front there, which i'm going to plant soon.)


Anonymous said...

Email Me!! Where is it? I think I can guess - money? tutoring?
xo vta

groteaux said...

mushrooms don't do nuttin

off for family weekend

40 degrees


Epponnee-Rae said...

vta - er, no. just the same thing as before, but on official letterhand attached to a shiny brochure. sorry to get yr hopes up.

groteaux - they feed us and make our bellies happy?

or they rot in nasty black-liquidy ways. hmm.

40 doooooom doooooom. top of 9 here today. quite pleasant except for a brisk wind, nippy about the ear 'oles.


Anonymous said...

okay, well I still think you should fib. a bit. Or just have coffee with proposed sup.
eat the mushrooms - they must be ready!
xox vta

Epponnee-Rae said...

vta - about to email and suggest it. can't eat the mushies - yucky looking. might email the mushroom dude and ask for help.

won't fib!

Anonymous said...

HI cutie. I am writing this from (gasp!), work. (My students are doing a practise exam for me and I honest to goodness can not think of any other work I could be doing...oh, damn, shouldn't have typed that, cos I just did.) Oh well, as I NEVER waste time at work, just this once won't hurt! Anyway, well done on your offer, and SQEAL of joy!
Did the brochure really have all those grammatical errors in it?

Epponnee-Rae said...


congratulations on using down time at work to catch up on valuable social networking and maintenance of important friendships.

thankyou for congrats! i can hear your squeal from here! (it hurt my ears)

and, uh, no. all grammatical, spelling and layout issues are entirely my own fault. *ahem*


ps. i like being called cutie.

Anonymous said...

ello spunkrat,
i just discovered dr j (my super duper dancing friend with the partner from toronto) studied at York uni in kingston, is that on yr list?
she is super helpful and lovely so if you wanna talk to her about it she offered. her partner catherine is equally happy to clue you up on UOT (and kingsotn, she grew up near there).
But if you stay in BC you won't need any of this - still lovely of them to offer though, so i wanted to share the love.
off to brunetti for an ice chocolate with choc icecream in it - remember those? sorry if this provokes a pang of homesickness - you can get me back sometime!!
hughie xo