Saturday, April 19, 2008

more snow and maillove

this weather is not going to encourage my radishes to put their heads above the soil!

i haven't updated on all the nice post i've received lately. aaaaages ago vta sent me a lovely package of chocolates and an "i read banned books" badge and some ace material on the 100 year anniversary of female suffrage in australia:

cassandra brought with her this beautiful card of patricia piccinini's work. i luuuuurve piccinini. so creepy and so cool. check out her website. tine and i feel in love with her in newcastle, when we stumbled across a car nugget and simultaneously went "oooo, shiny!"

grotty sent a sweet postcard of "the place i like best in the ravensthorpe shire" and a package of bank note postcard, france photos and the moo cards itchy made for us so long ago.

i got some more nice cards at "i heart crafts" recently, so keep the maillove coming!


itchy said...

huzzah! Don't you love the professional looking backs on them?

Epponnee-Rae said...

yes! i like the bit that's all "by itchy"