Friday, April 18, 2008

mountains, mushrooms and music

more shots of the fabulous weather last weekend. here's the big blue sky above science world (the big dome on the left) and the new false creek developments (on the other side of the water). apparently five of those big cranes have been shipped in from berlin, where they were once used to deconstruct the berlin wall. lots of big developments for the 2010 olympics, and lots of big political discussion about it.

i took this photo on a ride cassandra and i did down to yale town to visit winifred. if you turn 180 degrees from the above photo you got this view:

that's carpark, freeway overpass and stunning snow-covered mountains. i wish my camera took better distance shots.

in other news:

ah, the mushrooms. i love the mushrooms.

my twenty little sprouts turned in twenty adorable enormous mushrooms. see!

i made some of them into a nice chickpea wrap thing for a potluck, which went down well. potlucks are totally the new hot thing here, seeing as how mine went so well. we've had one every weekend for ages now. here's cassandra with the biggest mushies:

isn't she cuuuuute?

the remaining mushrooms are not looking that healthy anymore, so i won't gift you with any photos of them. i'm going to pick them tonight and store them in the fridge so i can try reactivating the bag one more time. if that doesn't work i'm going to try and buy a bag to grow oyster mushrooms. huzzah!

the tomatoes are big and healthy, and the strawberry plant has strange greenish proto-strawberry like things on it. it's all very exciting. i've also had a couple of really exciting sprouts in my gumtree pots, but two sorts turned out to be pesty mushroom things that lived in the potting mix, and i'm still not sure whether my one remaining seedling is a weed or a gumtree. will have to wait and see. i think it's time to plant some new seeds in the meantime.

in non-plant news, my students had their final exam yesterday. god invigilating exams is boring and stressful. and exams themselves are pointless. bah. i've been marking all day with my hair up in a cute little top knot and a bag of oreos by my side, and it's going quite quickly. i wish wish wish they didn't have to hand write exams, though. i know my handwriting isn't exactly a shining beacon of legibility, but . . .

went to a gig of the no shit shirleys last night, which was ace. miriam knows one of the performers, so she, her sister, cassandra and i all went to the gig which was in a very funky venue called the cellar. the singing was amazing and they explained all the stories behind the song. they did some ani and some ruthie foster, and some sweet honey in the rock. v. cool.

i also saw the waifs last week. aw. . . they played lots of old favourites and the place was packed out with ex-pats. i may have cried.


grotajira said...

i make no comment on the john thomas-ness of that mushroom...

re gum baby, make sure you dont' overwater it, or it will catch a fungus and die - think WA - sand and sunshine and fresh air

kasey chambers new CD is out and I will buy it - only her , her husband and father - no nasty noisy band

JT said...

I make no comment on that comment of that grot, except to say tsk, tsk, tsk!!!
Lovely photos of blue sky and cranes - and mushrooms.

JT said...

How easy it was not to remain anonymous!!!

Epponnee-Rae said...

i don't know what that means, grot. can you explain?

thankyou for advice re. gumbaby. i will back up on the watering.

hmmm. i've been force-fed kasey chambers early in the morning so i have an adversion. hope you enjoy it, though.

john butler trio played a gig here last week, but i didn't find out til it was sold out. le sigh.

Epponnee-Rae said...


congrats on being jt!

glad you enjoyed the piccies.


ps. just bought coriander seeds - your inspiration.

grotajira said...

re citriodora, don't think WA, think Qld, whatever that may mean

itchy fingers said...

aw, it's all happening. hope the potluck craze lasts until my arrival. . .

Epponnee-Rae said...

grotty - so i will water it heavily every day for six months then stop completely for six months?

itchy - well, we can always start it again.

Gauri said...

MUSHROOOMS !!!! i love them. i want some. on saturday i'm going to the farmers market at ceres for the first time, even though we lived on albion street right next to ceres for, like, ever. i am EXCITED.