Saturday, May 03, 2008

a day in the life (last saturday)

the day started nice and early. well, early by my standards.

we had a full house for breakfast - ziggy, her friend b, miriam and me. some people were wheat free, some people were kosher and non-leavened, so breakfast was miso soup and a kind of french toast thing made with matza. it was yummy.

then miriam's sister came round with a cool bicycle-xylophone-guitar-sculpture she'd made, and sung a song she'd written for it. the performance was kickarse cool and we all clapped.

then we all wandered off to the farmer's market and met up with a bunch of other folks, including cassandra. here's some of the outside vendors - lots more stuff inside!

it was a beautiful sunny day, and i got lots of nice fruit and veg and some snacks for the journey to the island. also a big red bag with a radish on it.

there was all sorts of new springish foods available, like leeks and rhubarb, but i didn't buy them cos of leaving the next morning.

after the farmers market cassandra and i walked down to ht naturals, this shop that sells beautiful beautiful fair trade organic etc. clothing made from hemp and bamboo. normally their stuff is *super* expensive, but it was a 75% off warehouse sale!

it was actually in the warehouse attached to the shop - we went through big boxes of clothes. i got a nice singlet and this pretty blue top, and it was less than $30. huzzah!

then i walked home, jumped on my bike and sprinted all the way to the suburbs to meet an accountant and do my tax. she was a terrifying efficient young woman whose only small talk was "i can see you are a very untidy person." i didn't tell her that my previous filing system had been a shoebox, and the neatly paper-clipped piles of paper i was flinging round were a vast improvement. anyway, she got me lots of money in my tax return (maybe can pay rent? huzzah!) and was well worth her fee.

this is me trying to find a route home that didn't involve a scary busy road with no bike lane and lots of people that drive like dickheads. i found one and had a pleasant ride home.

i had been home long enough to drink some water and check my email when miriam rang to see if i could come take a tour of her community garden plot; i'm OIC garden while she's away.

i wandered down the street and she showed me which little green seedling thing would turn into which plant and how much water they each want. i checked on my brussel sprout plants:

and miriam planted some radishes:

we gave the garden a good water then headed down the drive to buy some booze for the two parties we had on that night. i bought some local wine and got a free reusable bag (the non-plastic bag movement has suddenly hit its strides in vancouver):

i came home, got dressed up in my new top for partying then blogged. here's a photo of me blogging about taking photos for blogging. now i'm blogging about it. it's so meta-fictional it hurts! (to quote deathbyshinies)

the first party was a good food, random singing kind of house warming, with a keg in the corner. the only people miriam and i knew was one of the hosts, but we had some interesting conversations with random strangers.

here's miriam's friend playing her strum stick:

the second party was a red wine, barbecue, game playing kind of housewarming, with lots of miriam's funky friends i'd met before. it was a lot of fun. we stayed late playing demon (wicked card game) and _apples to apples_, as seen below:

i got home at 12.30 (which, strictly speaking, is the next day, but i'm sticking this one out) and started to pack for going to the island the next morning. miriam was coming to pick me up at 8am. here's what my luggage looked like by the time i went to bed:

i was thoroughly wiped by 1am and only stayed up half an hour reading a tamora pierce novel. a very busy day.



grotajira said...

out of all that cool stuff, the thing that sticks in my mind as truly amazing is that GTG HAS AN ACCOUNTANT!!

what a CapItalisT...

Epponnee-Rae said...

hmph. she stuck signs up on posts round the drive and i took a number. i don't think that counts.


grotajira said...

our lovely accountat says it's just as well there are number people like him to do these kind of jobs for word people like me

itchy said...

what a lovely day in the life.
thankyou for sharing it.
why do i sound so formal all of a sudden?

meh. deal with it.

JT said...

What an interesting life you are having OS, even if you do have to go to an accountant. I'm glad the seedling turned out to be a gum tree. I have tiny little coriander seedlings popping up. We'll see how they withstand the winter.
Loved the radish bag. Oz is having a bit of a push lately to banning plastic shopping bags.
That last photo is the gtg that I know and love. I have vivid memories of that half asleep face in a tent somewhere in tassie!!

Anonymous said...

lovely blog - can we have more entries like this one? (day in the life etc).
xo vta
ps. I see sunny blue skies in your photos!!

Epponnee-Rae said...

grot - what a lovely sentiment. my accountant was not nearly that chatty. . .

Epponnee-Rae said...

dear itchy,

we are very glad to hear that you have enjoyed our product. positive reviews are always welcome at "the godroach speaks."

we look forward to your continued patronage.

yours sincerely,

Epponnee-Rae said...

thanks, jt!

i have two more tinytiny gum seedlings now, so i will have a little forest eventually. very exciting!

congrats on the coriander seeds. you don't start them inside? mine are stil on my desk cos of the cold nights.

heh. you were so good to my morning-addled self!

grand to hear from you.


Epponnee-Rae said...


sorry, my inner stalker-fire-wall won't let me do this more than once. plus it takes forever!

if you want to make up a post of your day and email it to me i'll post it and you can be guest editor! mwahahaha. . .

yes, it didn't rain for like a whole week! i even had to *water* the garden plot.


Gauri said...

what an awesome day ! are all your days like that ? i miss you !