Thursday, May 29, 2008

unemployed? not me!

my lord but i'm tired! i just worked my first shift at my New Job at The Bike Shop. eeeeee! lookit me being all gainfully employed! eight hours on my feet learning new stuff (and screwing up - starting a new job is hard) was exhausting, but i had an ace time. my co-workers are really cool, there's good music, it's all very laid back and good politics and interesting friendly customers. will keep you up to date how it goes.

i also have my first ESL class tomorrow, so wish me luck for that!

(also my african violets suddenly burst into flower.)


Anonymous said...

congratulations!! what a great job! and you can keep one day a week while studying maybe. I knew the real world of employment would find a nice spot for you sooner or later, well done.
xo vta

grotajira said...

yes, well done - good to have another job that's not teaching and all intellectual-like

cool bike salesperson sounds perfect for you and after a while you can ask for transfer to amsterdam branch!

Nimmersatt said...

yay - bike shop sounds like dream student job to me!
What hours are you getting?

gumtreefid farmer said...


thankyou for yr confidence! you know the manager of the shop. i don't know if you ever went in.


gumtreefid farmer said...


thanks! it's a little intellectual - i'm learning a lot about how bikes and locks and helmets and stuff work. i guess it's practical-intellectual.

also, muscles!

mmm-hmm! i'd love to live in amsterdam for a while. maybe not in winter!


gumtreefid farmer said...



i have three days a week, atm. it's a good amount for now. anymore and i would be *seriously* tired.