Sunday, May 18, 2008

today in tomato news

i spent all yesterday planting out tomatoes. my nails will never be the same.

it was stinking hot (30!) and quite satisfying to be outside sweating for the labour of the land. . . or something. all my freckles came out.

i put two of the plants in the little garden plot i cleared in the front garden. here they are, snuggled between the rhubarb and the spearmint:

i also have carrots, potatoes and garlic in that bed, so we'll see what comes up. when the little cucumber seedlings get a bit bigger i'm going to bung them in as well. (bung is my new favourite word. i'm all ocker, don'tchaknow?)

i've also got five plants in big big pots on the back verandah. i've been dumpster diving and alley-scrounging for weeks collecting the big white buckets. good fun!

i've also got one in miriam's garden plot, and two little plants that will go in her plot in a few weeks. and that's all my babies settled! now i don't have to lug them in and out all the time, and i shouldn't have to water so often, seeing as how it's vancouver and rains all the time.

now we wait for fruit!

here's a shot from miriam's allotment. that's a brussell sprout plant on the left, three glorious radishes i'd just pulled, and the nasturtium, which was looking pretty crook for ages there and has only just perked up:

in other news, a bunch of stuff fell into place with visas and employment, which means i have a few weeks off and then will start teaching ESL in a basement downtown. still applying for other jobs, cos it's not full time, but still, experience! money! sense of purpose!

i'm taking advantage of the time off to duck over to alberta to visit miriam, so rather than the gardening blog i seem to be running, we'll have a short hiatus then resume as a travel blog with photos of mountains and stuff. if you're good i'll take a photo of the giant perogie for you.

now where did i put my cowboy hat?


Gauri said...

i LOVE tomato news. it's my favourite kind of news.

itchy said...

hurrah for ESL! *dashes off to look up alberta on a map*

counting the weeks, m'dear. counting them.

Nimmersatt said...

1. congratulations on the job!
2. Congratulations on the visa
3. Can I claim to have taught you the word 'allotment', or simply to have reminded you of it?

gumtreefid farmer said...

gauri - aw, you are such a good audience. i will provide more tomato news when they do something interesting. *taps foot and whistles*

itchy - thankyou! hope the map was enlightening.

nimmersatt - thanks x2!

3. um, i may have known it before but definitely hadn't thought to apply it to miriam's plot, so, um, yes!