Thursday, May 08, 2008

gardening update

here's where my tiny new gumtrees are at, hiding behind an enormous tomato plant:

they're so cute! they're working on their second set of leaves and their big sister is working on her third set. teeny tiny forest here we come!

the coriander already looks like a forest. there's an entertaining adventure happening in the middle pot on the right - see that plant that can't get rid of the seedpod? it's been gradually forcing its way out of the seed, slowly, slowly. fascinating to watch.

the tomatoes are still awfully happy. the paul robeson in particular has taken off. see its fat flower buds!

moving to the back verandah garden . . .

the radishes are not doing so well. they've been stuck at this cute heart shaped leaf stage for weeks now, and only six came up out of twelve i planted. i still think they're very brave, though:

next to them is one of ziggy's strawberry plants, which has taken neglect and lots of sun and produced masses of flowers and extra leaves:

and, uber-cool new addition to the outside garden, winifred's hummingbird feeder!

she lent it to me for over the summer. you make up a sickly sweet mixture from a package of "nectar concentrate hummingbird food" and keep the feeder filled and then tiny birds come all summer to drink! at least, that's the plan. i haven't seen any yet, but i guess it'll take them a while to find it. will definitely keep you updated on this one.


grotajira said...

are you prepared for all the aliens you're going to attract?

itchy said...

wow, that hummingbord feeder is something else.

my immediate thought was 'wow, the ants are going to love that!'
but maybe canadian ants are different. . .?

Gauri said...

well, at least you're not impaling hummingbirds on a cactus.

gumtreefid farmer said...

grotajira - i shall feed them and love them.

itchy - isn't it cool? the ants can't get to it unless they fly. which, as far as i know, even canadian ants can't.

gauri - yeah. *phew*

(eh? EH?)

itchy fingers said...

but tricksy ants might discover they could climb the wall then down the rope to the nectar, surely?