Saturday, May 10, 2008

mothers' day shennigans

BBB and Lizardgirl way out on Lake Hume. G used the phone camera for
these photos. She really liked the late afternoon pinkness. B


Anonymous said...

clarice beckett-ish, lovely!

JT said...

I'm surprised the intrepid rowers found any water to float in!! Showed an aerial photo of the Hume on TV during the week and where all the water should be is covered in green grass. Only 7% full.
I had a lovely 24 hours in Melb, shopping till I dropped (which for me is 2 hours at the most) for winter wear.

grotajira said...

we had to engage four-wheel-drive to get across the mud to the puddle in the middle that is now the Weir

gumtreefid farmer said...

vta - ta! on behalf of grot, i mean.

jt - really? 7%? urg!

glad you enjoyed melbs. i wish i could go shopping there! did you get any nice woollies?

grot - wow. that's kind of scary.

grotajira said...

i couldn't say ta myself because i haven't googled clarice beckett yet...