Thursday, July 03, 2008

car free festival

a few images from car free festival, which was a few weeks ago. i've been sitting on these pics for ages, but just found a very funky vid to go with them, so here ya go!

the video is about the philosophy of the car free fest, and has good footage from this year (also nice tourist footage of vancouver generally and critical mass). apparently there were 60,000+ people at the commerical drive festival. i stole the vid from "streetfilms". i know one of the ppl featured in this vid. if you're interested email me. it's a bit cool.

and the photos i took:

massive crowd, heading south

communal double dutch. lots of people tried and failed while i was watching, and then a middle aged woman ran in, jumped neatly a dozen times and ran out again, to great applause.

and street hockey, near stellas and joes.

i only got to enjoy the festival for a short period, cos i just ran over on my lunchbreak from work, but it was still really cool.


Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun. Aneat vid.

grotuhachi said...

yes, looks like fun

i am here in sydley at the shakuhachi fest - just saw two very moving performances

now having a little break before two concerts tonight

i am in the brand new apple shop - big publicity, therefore big crowds

this is a fab little laptop i'm on - i want it, but i also want a $2,500 shakuhachi suited to my small hands - choices!

syd is a busy happening place - must go and buy socks...