Thursday, July 17, 2008

i heart tutus

ooof. birthdays are exhuasting. but i love birthdays! huzzah for parties and random (e)mail surprises!

my fairy party was v. fun. i made trifle from an australian women's weekly recipe i got off the interwebs. it worked really well, considering the cultural translation that went into it. ingredients unrecognisable or severely rare in canada: cream, swiss roll, jelly (but "jello" is fine), custard powder. miriam also cooked with australian women's weekly, making me a fabulous train cake. it had a sparkler for the smoke and fresh berries for the cargo.

it was a fun low-key kind of party, with several small children running round being cute in tutus and, of course, chicory dog:

i found a fabulous cheap tutu and silly hat downtown, and enjoyed my outfit very much. other people had tiaras and false moustaches, which i no way supplied. this is the playground we played on, and this marks the end of photos without other humans in them:

i have been busy working six days a week + doing some marking on the side + helping miriam move house + having asthma. actually, life is pretty good, through all those things. it's been beautiful and sunny for weeks on end (i am wearing a skirt and singlet and no shoes) and i've been eating lots of yummy things and reading good books. also BIKE!

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