Wednesday, July 30, 2008

in which i am a good capitalist

second last day at work. in time-honoured teaching tradition i spent this morning playing hangman with my students. it's surprisingly difficult for ESL students. and me.

last time i was at the bike shop it rained heavily all day, so we had very few customers. i spent about three hours reorganising the storeroom - pulling down boxes of inner tubes and arranging them on the right shelves, sizing the loose kickstands lying on the floor and filing them away, putting the plastic over-pants all the same place and hanging the different locks on display in the front of the shop. the whole process was kind of calming.

then i cleaned up the wall displays in the body of the shop. i discovered that i have a talent for arranging merchandise, which is creepy and wrong. i am very proud of the kids' display, though, which looked like a dog's breakfast before i reorganised it. colleague j and i made a sign that says "cool kids cycle" and put stickers of children on bikes on it. it was incredibly nerdy and made us both very happy.

speaking of dog's breakfasts, i have a dog for the next month or so. chicorydawg is a lot slower than he was this time last year, and more inclined to yelp if small children pat him wrong. i wish i hadn't fallen for another elderly dog, but it is so nice to have him around.

i had best start working on my proposal. i'm very impressed with myself for a) procrastinating, b) being annoyed with my supervisor, when i don't even start studying til september!


grotuhachi said...

can you not think of window-arranging as art? why so judgenmental?

I am appreciating our young dog a lot because 8 years for a dog seems to be like 80 for humans - a crossroad into old age

we have 6 good years left - maybe

gumtreefid farmer said...

come buy our things, for they are plump and plentiful!

ziggy and i aren't sure how old chicorypoo is. she thinks 9, i think 12. he is definitely a bit creaky going up the stairs now, and has some grey on his muzzle.